Prayer Books

A collection of Books filled with Prayers


Voodoo-Prayer-Book by Amanda Buys CONTENTS: Background of Voodoo and Folk Voodoo Prayers of Repentance/Renunciation BACKGROUND OF VOODOO and FOLK VOODOO Voodoo – definition from Roger’s Thesaurus means: To bewitch, charm, allure, attract, bedevil, beguile, captivate, capture, control, dazzle, draw, enchany, enrapture, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, hex, hypnotize, fascinate, magnetize, mesmerize, knock dead, knock out, send, slay, […]

Advanced Petitions

The use of petitions is a very effective form of prayer and warfare. In I Tim 2:1 we see that petitions are one of the different forms of prayer. It is vital that we make use of this weapon in our pursuit of God’s fullness for our lives. The Hebrew words for “petition” are shelah or mishelah, meaning ask, beg, borrow, lay to charge, consult, demand, desire earnestly, inquire, pray, request, require, petition or wish. The word petition is usually associated with the law. We can only present our petitions before God’s Throne if we stand on legal ground and our petitions will only be granted if we find favour in God’s sight.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Book 1

This is NOT a book of generic prayers which are to be used for one’s personal convenience, so that it is not necessary to think of what one wants to say to God. They are not meant to be mechanically or repetitively recited aloud as a mental exercise in vying to communicate with Him. The […]

Warfare Prayers & Decrees

We have proven these prayers are very effective in changing the Spiritual atmosphere in your home, church, city or region. This book contains Prayers for  Declaration, Releasing the Power of the Blood, Closing bridges and hedges, Anti evil prayer, Releasing the Power of God, Prayers against Satan, Prayers against Queen Spirits, Prayers against Demonic Princes, Prayers […]

Deliverance Prayers Book 1

This Book contains a multitude of Prayers for Deliverance. This book includes Prayers for salvation and general forgiveness, Warfare Prayers, Deliverance, Abnormal behaviour, Abortion and shedding innocent blood, abused child, domestic violence, effeminacy – sins of Sodom, incest, sins of the ancestors, rape, sexual harassment, soul ties, the change of life. Download the PDF here