Prayers for Binding and Sealing off

Prayer Altars

Introduction God is raising a militant Church that will possess our cities for Him, people who will take the spiritual responsibility over their communities, cities and nations. God is looking for men and women who will check the advance of wickedness, violence, satanism, corruption, idolatry, oppression, occultism, injustice and perversion in our cities and nations. […]

Sealing off Prayer By Amanda Buys

We thank You for Your presence and for Your deliverance anointing. It will be the anointing that will break the yoke. We forbid any interference with the work of the Holy Spirit. Father we come against any communication lines (according to Eph. 6:12) between, the powers, world rulers, principalities, spiritual hosts and demonic hosts in […]

The Binding Prayer

THE BINDING PRAYER (Clare Du Bois) Revised on: 13th July 2015 Use this prayer, whenever it is needed, whenever there is trouble or oppression in the air, every morning or just before going into your prayer time. ~~~Begin this examination of your conscience quietly~~~ Before we go into prayer, it is good to ask Holy […]