Prayers for Deliverance

Prayer on Deliverance of the Mind

I pull down the stronghold of confusion in my life in the Name of Jesus. Every seat of confusion in my life, be broken down in the Name of Jesus. Let the storm of confusion within my mind be still in the Name of Jesus. Every cloud of confusion that has enveloped my mind, fade […]

Overcoming Mind Binding By Apostle Tracy L Howard

Prayer for Myself Only Father God in the Name of Jesus, I break, cut, cancel, and burn the power of all hypnotic trances, spells, anchoring, programming, mind control, and anything else triggering my conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind, will, emotions and intellect. I ask You to remove all the blinders and destroy all the affects […]

Basic Deliverance Manual

General – The only way for DELIVERANCE to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice DELIVERANCE. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice DELIVERANCE, and to help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister DELIVERANCE. May God bless you […]

Deliverance Renunciations By His Kingdom Prophecy

I renounce all lust, perversion, immorality, uncleanness, impurity, and sexual sin in the Name of Jesus. I renounce all witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and occult involvement in the Name of Jesus. I renounce all ungodly soul ties and immoral relationships in the Name of Jesus. I renounce all hatred, anger, resentment, revenge, retaliation, unforgiveness, and bitterness […]

Deliverance from Generational Evil Altars

Evil alters are raised by the enemy to steal, kill and destroy, sacrifices in evil alters are delicious gifts given to demons to secure their assistance in wars against mankind. I soak my soul, spirit, and body in the Blood of Jesus Christ in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen Blood of Jesus break any […]


SPIRITUAL WARFARE: SPIRITUAL CAGES What is a cage? According to the Webster’s dictionary, a cage is an enclosure. In most cases, it looks like a box made with metal wire or net. Cages are specifically made for the purpose of trapping and confining birds and animals. Cages come in different sizes. The size is of […]