Prayers for Deliverance

Prayers before Deliverance

Heavenly Father, we thank You that You have brought (name of person) and this group (or myself) together in a prayer of DELIVERANCE and to do spiritual warfare. We ask You to send warrior angels to do battle for us in the heavenlies. We ask You through Your Holy Spirit to impress intercessors to pray […]


Some years ago I published my book “Demons Defeated”. Since then there has been an explosion of interest in the matter of the deliverance ministry and I have produced this short booklet in order to encourage members of the Body of Christ. As in my book “Demons Defeated”, I freely acknowledge the blessed teaching which […]

Deliverance of Sexual Sin

I forgive those who have rejected me, and been bitter and rebelled against me. Please forgive me for rejection, bitterness and rebellion against others and God. I ask this in The Name of Jesus Christ: Lord, Master and Saviour. I command the spirits to manifest, identify and reveal themselves. I command the families of Rejection, […]

Breaking Evil Soul Ties

Breaking Evil Soul Ties By Maria Merola אריאל © Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, January 2010 In the name of Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach, I renounce and break now all evil soul ties that I have ever had with any person, place, source or thing. (Name all those you have formed a soul-tie with). I break now […]

Deliverance Prayer By Truth In Reality

Lord, I’m being oppressed by demonic and unclean spirits, but you have promised me in your Word that if I call on Your Name I will be delivered. I am calling on You now to deliver me of the spirit of confusion, in the Name of Jesus, by His blood, lift from me any blocks, […]

Illegitimacy Shame

Illegitimacy, Breaking the curse of illegitimacy and shame. Prayers for deliverance for the curse of Illegitimacy….Prayers of repentance, Victory over shame, Blessing your spirit man, Additional information of shame. Journey to wholeness. Download Full Prayer book here.

Prayer for the Renunciation of the Occult

  PRAYER FOR THE RENUNCIATION OF THE OCCULT (Win Worley) Thank you Lord Jesus for dying for my sins, for your glorious resurrection, and for making me a new creature in Christ – by faith in Your precious blood.  Dear Lord I have a confession to make: Through ignorance, stupidity or wilfulness, I have sought […]

Deliverance Prayer against Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion

Deliverance Prayer against Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion By Dr Stella Immanuel Romans 6:14 Sexual sins open the doors for all kinds of evil spirits to enter, This prayer programme is for those: ● Who would like to be delivered from the spiritual contamination resulting from past sexual sins. ● Who would like to be delivered […]