Warfare Prayers

Prayers to fight the spiritual realm

Prayers Against Serpentine & Serpent Spirits Prt 1 – Agapekind

The AgapEkind Media Int’l Published on 4 Nov 2014 Prayers Against Serpentine & Serpent Spirits Prt 1: You might find below (articles) useful in understanding the importance of this prayer and the impact of serpentine spirits, what they do and how they work against the children of God. ARTICLES ON SERPENT SPIRITS http://www.thankgodforjesus.org/deliv.  http://www.thankgodforjesus.org/crush. Prayers […]

Intense Warfare Prayers

Warfare Prayers Ask for tactical information Father, In The name Of The Lord Yeshua Ha Massiach, I ask you to please give me discernment to discover where these attacks are coming from and to give me wisdom, knowledge, understanding and determination to defeat the enemy making these attacks, in Yeshua’s name I pray, amen. Protect […]