Warfare Prayers

Prayers to fight the spiritual realm

Prayers against the Queen of Spirits By Apostle Tracy L Howard

I bind and cast down the queen of heaven spirit in the Name of Jesus (Jer.44:17). I bind and rebuke Jezebel, Ahab’s queen; also Athaliah, Delilah and Herodias in the Name of Jesus. I bind and cast down every queen spirit that promotes: witchcraft, perversion, religion, an anti-Christ spirit, death, diverse culture worship and rebellion […]

The Druidism Root And Its Fruits

The Celts are a family of tribes which occupied large swathes of Europe between 2000BC. and the second century who migrated and expanded as far East as Asia even to China from archeological evidence, central Turkey and as far West as Britain and Ireland their ‘empire’ taking in Spain, Germany, Belguim, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. Much of […]

Spiritual Warfare Prayer By Yhwh Glory End Time Ministry

Spiritual Warfare Prayer By Yhwh Glory End Time Ministry We thank You Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ Yahushua HaMashiach for anointing us today to be Your prayer warriors.  We thank You Father for giving us the ability to fight against the enemies of You. We will do our best to not become passive […]

Prayer Power and Covenant Power

In spiritual living, you must move in revelation and not in reason. You must learn to act on the Word of God which is the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. You cannot know Jesus Christ or Father God or His Holy Spirit through seeking by your own knowledge. You must first reach out to Him by child-like faith. […]

Spiritual Warfare for your Nation

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ, This communication is written and distributed in obedience to the prompting, revelation, and direction of Holy Spirit. I beg your indulgence, and pray that the Holy Spirit will move upon you to read it to completion. I promise you, that if you do, the Lord will bring a tremendous […]

Spiritual Warfare Handbook

SPIRITUAL WARFARE HANDBOOK From a Biblical, Evangelical Perspective SO YOU’RE IN A WAR! One day a young man was out for a walk. As he went along the street he saw a sign that invited him to sign up to see the world for free. Food, lodging, everything would be provided. In fact, he would […]

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Book 1

This is NOT a book of generic prayers which are to be used for one’s personal convenience, so that it is not necessary to think of what one wants to say to God. They are not meant to be mechanically or repetitively recited aloud as a mental exercise in vying to communicate with Him. The […]

Warfare Prayers & Decrees

We have proven these prayers are very effective in changing the Spiritual atmosphere in your home, church, city or region. This book contains Prayers for  Declaration, Releasing the Power of the Blood, Closing bridges and hedges, Anti evil prayer, Releasing the Power of God, Prayers against Satan, Prayers against Queen Spirits, Prayers against Demonic Princes, Prayers […]