Satan’s Secrets

Pope Francis Stripped of Power w/ Kevin Annett

Sarah Westall Published on 23 Feb 2019 See the full story of this coup @ Kevin Annett rejoins the program to give us breaking news on the power struggles playing out at the Vatican. He warns us of a ritual that is to take place this weekend that must be stopped. According to his […]

Scientists and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions

A & Ω Productions Published on 16 Feb 2019 Scientists are beginning to get more and more “religious”. What has happened at CERN the past few Years? And What are they up to, this will not be your typical video. Speakers: Chuck Missler and Charles Lawson Human Sacrifice at Cern:… Original Sermon:… 9+

Hidden Evil in Harry Potter – Bill Schnoebelen

BRMinistries Published on 21 Jan 2019 Christians should not be reading or watching Harry Potter. Bill Schnoebelen was a former occultist, satanist, and warlock. Bill is introduced to God by a devout Christian woman who prays for him, and that starts him on the journey to salvation. He shares from his extensive knowledge about the […]