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Is Microchipping Employees Convenient Or Creepy?

Source: Is Microchipping Employees Convenient Or Creepy? Cybersecurity July 28, 2017 Written by Ashley Hamer From buying coffee to unlocking the office door, it seems like everything these days is as easy as a swipe of a card. But what if that technology was in your body? That’s the experiment several companies are performing: they’re […]

Vesica Piscis Birthing Of A New Souless Race

Shaking My Head Productions Published on 12 Jun 2018 When the Vesica Piscis is viewed horizontally, the mandorla becomes a different sort of passage: the birth passage. The pointed oval is a universal symbol of the Divine Feminine, and in this context the Vesica Piscis is the vulva of the Goddess, surrounded by the crescents […]