Satan’s Secrets

Evil Black Goo Used in Mecca and Vatican.

Israeli News Live Published on 20 Jan 2017 Black Goo, the demonic substance that is used in some of the most strangest places. Starting with Mecca and even with Vatican. Disclaimer: This interview contains information which does not represent the beliefs or values of the ministry of Israeli News Live and is provided for deep […]

They Are Not Hiding Their Plans Anymore

Think About It Published on 1 Jun 2018 It’s more obvious than ever before. The plans of the globalists and elites to to take back total control of America is in full swing. They were surprised when the election turned away from their expected result, but their efforts to take America back is in full […]


James Mighty IV Published on 28 Jan 2018 Exposing Satanic tools hidden from people. Some of you are probably aware of these satanic devices, but I have decided to produce these video for those who are unaware. In this video we’ll be covering rings, clothing, tattoos etc.. Hope you’d be blessed by this video. God […]