Satan’s Secrets

Blasphemy: Out of the Mouth of the Pope! Pope Pius X

The Christadelphian Watchman Published on 4 Oct 2016 The claims of Popes throughout history is compared to the Bible teaching about a man who would arise claiming to act in the authority of God. Instead of the simple organisation of the early church, the Church became a centre of power. See original video :

The Three Stages Of Jihad

Prophecy in the News 1 February 2017 In 2012, David Wood gave an excellent description of worldwide Islamic activities based on the Koran and Muslim theological sources. International current affairs perfectly match his theory of a three part Jihad going on in every country where there are Arabs. What is hard to understand is why […]

Old Jesuit Book Reveals True Agenda !!!

Hollands Glorie Published on Nov 15, 2016 Original video AND many links can be found on 9Nania at:… This video is about the instructions the Jesuits get/got before they were allowed to foul the world with their presence. Very educational.