Satan’s Secrets


Frankie Hughes 7 September 2016 LUCIFERIANISM IS THE “SYMBOLIC” PRACTICE OF SUN WORSHIP WHICH IS ALSO THE RELIGION OF THOSE WHO GOVERN OUR WORLD! In relation to some of my previous posts in which i have exposed how the ancient practice of symbolic sun worship as described in biblical times Ezekiel 8:16 — Isaiah 2:6 […]

26 years in the occult


26 years in the occult. Psychic Satanic Underground Pennie Louise Reese Day of the Lord Radio Pennie is a former occultist of twenty-six years who, prior to meeting Jesus, spent fifteen years working as a professional in metaphysics. Among numerous other things, she was a radio psychic, a healer and a new age teacher. In […]

Kings of Hell appearing to the multitudes

Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 7 Kings of Hell actually appearing to the multitudes of people In another vision of the night, I was in a certain place; there were multitudes of people everywhere. Suddenly, a shock-wave rent the air; the ground shook heavily. Everyone present turned hysterical. I began to scream like […]

A New World Order Checklist…

How the New World Order is Planned and the Current Status ased upon Documents, Laws, Video Clips, Speeches, Papers & Publications, Historical Trends, Quotes, and other readily available Data… This is what is happening or is planned. Save this table, print it out or do whatever you want to do with it. Follow the news […]

Testimony of an Ex-satanist No.10

This testimony is the 10thpart in a series of thirteen volumes. To fully benefit from it, you need to read the twelve other parts, in numerical order. The person who sang effrakata was married to a siren called Ecatchaka. When he was going to have his concert in a mythical music hall of France, in the Olympia in Paris, in 1998, I was still a satanist at that time. Even on my wedding day, when I […]