Satan’s Secrets

Exercising Dominion over the Marine Kingdom

Exercising Dominion over the Marine Kingdom, Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife By Pastor Bode Ayodele Satan’s kingdom is divided into three main strongholds. The stronghold of the heavens: the stronghold of the earth and the stronghold of the sea or waters. Of these three the least understood by man, especially Christians, is the stronghold of […]

The Mystery of the Black eyed children – Very Scary!!

The mystery of the black eyed children - very scary

The Mystery of the Black eyed children – Very Scary!! Many people wrongfully refer to the Black Eyed Children phenomenon as an “Urban Legend”. Due to skepticism and lack of proof, many people believe that the claims are false and nothing more than just stories. This leads many people to loosely use the term “Urban […]

Lord Jesus showed me the Destroyer

Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 8 Lord Jesus showed me the Destroyer Two days later, whilst asleep, I saw a Man approaching me. As He came nearer to me, I knew that this person was the Lord Jesus. There was total Peace in my spirit towards Him. This was a sure conviction that […]

Blasphemy: Out of the Mouth of the Pope! Pope Pius V

The Christadelphian Watchman Published on 5 Oct 2016 The claims of Popes throughout history is compared to the Bible teaching about a man who would arise claiming to act in the authority of God. Instead of the simple organisation of the early church, the Church became a centre of power. See original video :


Frankie Hughes 7 September 2016 LUCIFERIANISM IS THE “SYMBOLIC” PRACTICE OF SUN WORSHIP WHICH IS ALSO THE RELIGION OF THOSE WHO GOVERN OUR WORLD! In relation to some of my previous posts in which i have exposed how the ancient practice of symbolic sun worship as described in biblical times Ezekiel 8:16 — Isaiah 2:6 […]

26 years in the occult


26 years in the occult. Psychic Satanic Underground Pennie Louise Reese Day of the Lord Radio Pennie is a former occultist of twenty-six years who, prior to meeting Jesus, spent fifteen years working as a professional in metaphysics. Among numerous other things, she was a radio psychic, a healer and a new age teacher. In […]