Satan’s Secrets

Exposing The Satanic New Age Movement !!!

The Vigilant Christian Published on 21 Mar 2012 I was a hardcore New Ager for many years! I was a yoga instructor, tarot card reader, channeler, astrologer, numerologist, meditation and reiki master, who contacted many spirit guides! I went to the bottom of the rabbit hole! In this video series we will expose everything! Yoga, reiki,, […]

Testimony of a gruesome witch – Part 4

Testimony of a gruesome witch – Part 4 Jesus intervention   Doctor John Lokadi’s testimony about the persistence and failure of the dark world systematic attacks against authentic born again christian revealing the realities of the invisible war, an armed conflict and hostilities between the kingdom of light and the brotherhood of anthropophage,vampires,cannibals and witches.

REAL SATANISM – Exposing The Occult Of Satan…

REAL SATANISM – Exposing The Occult Of Satan (SCARY REAL DOCUMENTARY) Mike Jasoi Published on 13 Jun 2014 Dave Roever presents Exposing the Satanic Web. Satanic symbols, slogans, hand signals — Look around; if you know what you are looking at, you will see them everywhere. This is not a passing fad. You will meet KIDS […]

The 6 pointed Hexagram is a symbol of the sun…

Frankie Hughes 30 September 2016 The 6 pointed Hexagram is a symbol of the sun; the sun is a star; Lucifer the Devil is referred to as the son of the (Morning / Dawn) in Isaiah 14:12.. This terminology is actually a [symbolic] reference to the “sun”; it is the rays of the sun which […]

EVIL SECRETS!! I Can Transform From Male To Female

EVIL SECRETS!! I Can Transform From Male To Female Author: Ihechukwu Njoku Source: IT sounds like a fairy-tale. Most would pass it for a creative, fictitious and surreal account of supernatural experiences, not to be taken literally. But this is a true confession. It’s the account of a man who lived for over 20 years […]

Startling Confessions Of A Marine Queen


At the age of 14, Mrs Lena Ofosu was brought by her mother to a witchdoctor in Ghana. Little did she know that this witchdoctor was about to reveal to her mother that she had been chosen before birth to be the ‘wife’ of a demonic spirit from under the water and thus would have […]