Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 12

Believers around the world are disturbed by the claim from pastors in west Africa, that Jesus had appeared to them, and in wrath warned women that wearing pants will send them to Hell! Can these messages be trusted? How do we know that these pastors are true Prophets of the Lord Jesus? Yolin and her mom seek confirmation about this thorn in their side. Led by the Holy Spirit, they listen to the “Revelation of Heaven & Hell Part 2” video by Othusitse Mmusi – the truth is revealed – this is a deception from Satan, designed to instil fear into Believers and to lead them astray.
Further confirmation is sought from Susan Davis, the Lord’s faithful daughter, who confirms that Satan has twisted and perverted the original message by getting people to focus on “pants” and false translations coming from the hearts of men over the centuries. The true meaning of the original text in Deuteronomy 22:5 warns women not to wear armour and not to dress as a warrior and go to war as men do.
Many sincere and honest Christians have grappled with this issue, wanting to be pleasing to God. There are similar false warnings which people say are coming from God, about women wearing jewellery and make up taking them to hell. Is the enemy using a legalistic issue to stir up trouble among the Christians? The whole issue, says Susan Davis, lies within the heart – a heart right with GOD will dress appropriately and won’t idolize material things. Clothes, jewellery and make up can take you to Hell if you IDOLIZE THEM and they take precedence in your lives over the Lord. Christ said it is not what a man puts in his mouth but what comes out of HIM (his heart) that condemns him.

The Holy Lord gives Yolin a Spirit Revelation that Christ End-Time Ministries would meet up with Kenneth Hagen Senior in the Gathering of the Saints. However, He also reveals a secret plot – Satanists were after members of Christ End-Time Ministries to kill them before the Gathering of the Saints.

In another Spirit vision on the morning of the 15th May 2015, Yolin finds once again that she is at school. Whilst standing on the school premises her Spirit eyes opened and she looks into the spirit realm towards the fathomless depths of the Atlantic Ocean. She sees multitudes of people of all races and nationalities; they were the inhabitants of the city in the ocean. Amidst the great host she sees a beautiful white woman – and her Spirit knew that this person was the queen of the coast.
She watches as power emanated from this woman who was in an inexplicable fit of rage. She had looked into the far future, and knew that Yolin’s unborn baby had a Powerful Divine Call put upon his life. This child was called to destroy the secret occult world and also her own kingdom (the city in the ocean). The Lord Jesus allows Yolin to be present at her evil, devious, masterminded meetings and she discovers the plot to steal the soul of her baby and murder its Powerful Divine Call.

For weeks on end, Yolin and her mom are demonically attacked at their most vulnerable moments while they are asleep during the wee hours of the mornings. The spirit appeared to move with an anointing just like the True Holy Spirit. Is it possible for the anointing of the True Holy Spirit to be counterfeited? The atmosphere becomes very tense and hard and they open their eyes heavily hypnotized, with excessive, burning pains covering their entire physical bodies and bed. Overly exhausted, they seek the Lord earnestly.

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