Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 9

In May 2014, in a Spirit vision of the night, Yolin is approached by Brother Elvi Zapata who had returned from being taken to Heaven to receive a message for her from the Father – “Jesus said, in order to be able to enter Heaven, one must be so Perfect!” Upon hearing this, she feels a profound and deep hurt, as it meant that the whole human race, including herself, is destined to go to Hell because nobody on Earth is perfect. However, only Jesus can perfect us – He is our Strength and Power and only He can make our ways perfect.

In a Spirit vision, Yolin finds herself in a massive building which she knows is a school. The class is taken on an excursion and arrive at an enormous building outside the city, filled with top secret, unearthly, scientific machines and weird gadgets which were mounted everywhere. The entire group are led into a basement where someone in a doctor’s outfit talks to them about the health benefits of a particular machine.
Suddenly, without warning, the machine is switched on and hundreds of dazzling, coloured, laser beam lights moved and flashed in all directions at great speed, mesmerizing the entire group and causing them to become like zombies, unconscious of the fact that something demonic had been placed into their eyes.

Through deep Spirit Revelation, the Ministry knew that the first beast had already taken his place. Although he had not yet revealed himself to the world, the spirit of the beast hung heavily in the Earth’s atmosphere. Inconspicuously, without anyone noticing, the beast went about secretly persecuting all Believers and Christians.
Soon all Bibles would be destroyed except for the booklets which Christ End-Time Ministries had handed out by the thousands. These booklets contain True Encounters with the Holy Lord Jesus. His Bride the world over would become Living Testimonies for the Lord’s Glory. It was revealed that these booklets could not be taken away or destroyed.

During July 2014, Yolin once again experiences the great hopelessness that Believers or unbelievers would have to go through should they miss the Rapture. In the vision, she sees that in the very second after the Rapture, every unimaginable monster, fiend, devil and demon from Hell, the second heaven, the city under the ocean and the city under the Earth – Satan’s entire hierarchy – would begin to rule the world.
There would be catastrophies, mental anguishes, unbearable sufferings and terrible mutilations. Every diabolical demoniac would be seen by the natural eyes of everyone who had missed the Rapture. This unimaginable hierarchy would begin chasing the people and would eat them alive.

In another vision, she sees the image of the Lord standing on a bright, white cloud. Everyone looked up with great expectation and excitement, screaming with joy. The Ministry watched as the image of the Lord came directly into their midst.
They notice that it was not the Lord, but a white man in the exact image of Christ. Everyone worshiped him as the Lord Jesus Christ, but Christ End-Time Ministries saw that he was not the True Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth “God The Son”.

Book 9 – End Time Ministries to Unite

During the last week of July 2014, in a Spirit dream, Christ End-Time Ministries arrived at a certain place where the gathering of all End-Time Ministries were to meet and unite as ONE on Earth. We were to meet Kenneth Hagen who had gone to be with the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord Jesus Christ of […]

Book 9 – Rapture

The scene changed as I was in the Rapture high above the Earth’s atmosphere. Looking down, I watched as a great tsunami covered a huge portion of land. My spirit knew that I was in the Rapture; I cannot explain why I was taken in a helicopter. Anyway, I was not alone; there were others […]

Book 9 – City under the Earth

At the end of the month of June, I was back in a Spirit Revelation along with a group of women. We were seeking our friend who had been captured by one of the spirit kings and taken to his domain in the City under the Earth. On arriving at this king’s house which was […]

Book 9 – Father’s Message Exorcism

During the month of May 2014, I had prayed asking the Lord to teach me how to intercede in prayer. In a vision of the night, I was on the back of an enormous Eagle. Even though the eagle flew very high and at times flew on its side, I felt very safe. My arms […]

Book 9 – Zombie camera

That night, I approached her; she was busy compiling the Script. I told her that the thing was grunting behind the fridge. As I stood rebuking, the Holy Spirit flooded a certain incident before me. As we sat discussing this matter, she led me into prayer. A year ago, I had purchased a zombie camera […]

Book 9 – Elvi Zapata with Message from Father

Chapter Three – Exorcism During the month of May 2014, I was in yet another Spirit vision of the night in which Elvi Zapata approached me. My Spirit knew Brother Elvi as a True Prophet of the Holy Lord Jesus. My Spirit also knew that he had been to Heaven on so many, many, many […]

Book 9 – The diabolical tornado

Once again, words fail to make you as the Reader, aware of what is about to unravel in our country of South Africa. The following has a Spirit outlook. In a Spirit vision of the morning Brother Michael (Pastor) together with his family arrived at our place. Driven by a supernatural urge, I was led […]