Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 8

In a Spirit vision in January 2013, Yolin sees a great city before her and an enormous inferno; the moment of desperation had come – the End of all Ends had arrived. Jesus appears above the terrible inferno, standing on a cloud, His garment shining like the Sun, His hands outstretched to accept His chosen ones – those who were ‘Rapture Ready’. Suddenly, Yolin realises that she has been left behind; devastated, she knows that she has to face the inescapable consequences as the towering inferno sweeps over the entire city.

For several weeks, Yolin and her mom awake battered and bruised and in constant pain following heavy demonic attacks in their sleep; it seemed like they were fighting a constant, losing battle. Each morning seems worse than the previous, until Cindy blesses and honours the Lord for the storms that they are experiencing – every pain disappears instantly as the Lord responds.

In February, Yolin has a night vision in which the heavens scrolled open and she could see into Eternity. She hears the Voice of Jesus speaking from Heaven and watches as a beautiful, golden-brown, wooden box adorned with exquisite carvings descends directly from the Lord into her hands. The Father had sent a gift to Christ End-Time Ministries.

Taken into a morning vision, Yolin sees that the Believers of Christ End-Time Ministries walking through the arid wilderness, heavily laden and moving ponderously. Whilst deep in prayer, one morning, Jesus suddenly speaks to Cindy, saying, “The Wilderness – teach My children survival skills.”
The wilderness has such dense darkness that in order to survive Believers are to eat and drink ONLY Jesus, to focus ONLY on Him. Believers will be thoroughly and exceedingly tested, tempted and challenged by spirits dwelling in the wilderness. Satan will attack them with everything he has using these wilderness spirits to deceive them.
However, Jesus overcame Satan and possesses the Keys and all Authority over the Wilderness – ONLY He can take His Warrior Bride out of the Wilderness, but first they must pass through the process of being cleansed, purified and sanctified in the wilderness.

In June 2013, unable to discern the mystery of the intense spiritual warfare they were experiencing, the Believers of Chris End Time Ministries sought the absolute Truth through earnest fasting and prayer. There were times when they underwent spiritual dryness and total exhaustion, some to the point of a nervous breakdown.
Finally, the Lord Jesus gives them a glimpse into the mystery of the intense warfare. While waiting with a group to board a train, Yolin sees a dirty, greenish midget coming up from beneath the earth. The demon exerted unusual great power such that the loathsome vileness of its presence caused a drastic change in the weather. Thick, dark clouds gathered ominously in the blue sky.
Evil poured from the eyes of this thing. Although the others could not see it, they felt the obnoxious, evil presence which hung heavily in the atmosphere. Sarcastically, it revealed its identity, “I come from under the ocean!” Yolin’s spirit knew that this demon referred to the ‘City under the ocean.’

Book 8 – Don’t Miss the Rapture

In a Spirit vision upon my bed on the morning of the 9th January, I was with my mother, her brother and his family. We were all going about our own business when suddenly Sister Cornelia came hurriedly to me. I knew that she had gone home to be with the Lord three years ago. […]

Book 8 – Your Words form Knives or Swords to kill

In a Spirit vision, one morning in January 2014, I was dressed for battle. In my khaki uniform with a magazine of bullets across my chest, I stood among a group of friends. These began to use slanderous words which formed knives and swords. My spirit knew that their words formed waves which I could […]

Book 8 – Curses Part Eight Rapture Ready

In a Spirit vision on the morning of the 20th January 2013, I was in the process of fleeing from a mob. These evil-minded citizens had claimed that I was a witch. I looked at the mob that appeared to be demon possessed. As I flew at a great speed high into the sky they […]

Book 8 – Intense Warfare with Medusa

Towards the end of January, one night while mom was utterly exhausted and about to doze off, a force of darkness with a powerful suction tried to suck her soul out of her physical body. Although she did not have the strength to defend herself, her spirit pleaded the Blood of Jesus. Immediately, she was […]

Book 8 – End-Time Persecution

In another Spirit vision of the 24th January 2013, the Lord Jesus revealed End -Time persecution. The local people came to gossip, “Have you not heard that it was on everyone’s lips about Manasseh, ‘That Great False Prophet’ Revelation speaks about?” They also quoted the Scripture: [Revelation Chapter16 verse 13-14] “And I saw three loathsome […]

Book 8 – Message from God’s Angel

In a night vision of the 21st March, upon my bed, mom and I walked along a long road. On reaching a huge field park, we strolled for some time. For how long I do not know, but suddenly a Powerful Divine Presence covered me. I was convicted of the Presence of an Angel sent […]

Book 8 – Demon of Hurts and Pains

One night, after prayer and meditating on the Word, I was about to doze off when my spirit eyes opened. The appearance of a huge demon was before me. This thing moved like lightning and entered my physical body. It happened in less than a blink of an eye; I had no idea what had […]

Book 8 – Intense Warfare

The week that followed, mom and I fought a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, intense warfare. Immediately, I looked and told her that we had an unusual visitor. “A sting-ray fish is most unwelcomed!” she uttered. Together we agreed, “You sting-ray fish-demon, you have trespassed into this house. You belong in the ocean and […]

Book 8 – Creature

For a week, deep growls came from behind the fridge. We had rebuked Panther but to no avail; then we rebuked Numridge, also with no results. Mom was saying, “It seems as though we are once more fighting a losing battle. Who is this?” The battle raged severely day and night non-stop. Each morning we […]

Book 8 – My Grandmother Rapture Ready

My grandmother was born in the 1930’s, the eldest of three Chinese daughters. She had a very hard and challenging life from the age of twelve when her mother passed away. During their childhood, all three sisters were given Christian names. In 2005, she was admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital where doctors diagnosed her as […]