Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 1

On the 6th November 2006, Yolin had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ who covenanted to teach her personally through Spirit communication, revealing many things to her.

In one of her Spirit visions, Yolin is taken to Hell by Jesus, where she sees nightmarish scenes of indescribable horrors. Hell is a place of immeasurable size where huge, ugly, angry balls of flames burn continuously and from which there is absolutely no hope of escape.

God’s Great Message is of man’s deliverance from sin and damnation.

In another vision, Yolin sees Satan in his uncovered state – a hideous, shocking image too terrible to describe.

Jesus shows Yolin a vision of a certain person secretly placing a curse into a bloodstain on her shirt. Through Yolin, Jesus communicates to her mom how to rebuke the curse and break all the ties in His Name. Only then will the evil powers be broken and the evil spirits leave Yolin.

She is shown several terrifying, prophetic visions of the very, very last days and what it would be like for those left behind in the Great Tribulation.

Jesus takes Yolin to see 2 lost cities. These are cities where the people had chosen to be joined as one with the forces of the satanic kingdom. One of these cities is the ancient city of Nineveh. These places are still inhabited by people but are invisible to the outside world. Jesus wants the Believers to begin to intercede for these lost cities. Many places which had mysteriously vanished could come back into existence.
Believers are to reach out to them with the message from God’s heart. God is looking for a reason to help them and to draw them closer to Himself.

Book 1: The Lord’s Prayer

Father, the hour has come. Glorify and exalt and honor and magnify Your Son, so that Your Son may glorify and extol and honor and magnify You. Just as You have granted Him Power and Authority over all flesh (all humankind), (now glorify Him) so that He may give Eternal Life to all whom You […]

Book 1: Filing Room in Hell

We stopped along the way and the demon said to me, “Watch!” He pushed open a door and I looked into a massive room. It seemed to stretch for miles – inside was another head demon that was in control of this section. I understood this to be the filing room. Shelves reached to the […]

Book 1: Preface

During my early childhood years, Brother Loie prophesied that, “Yolin is not a child for the world.” One day he prophesied for the second time, “This child will be a Believer.” My mother told me that when I was a few months old, that I was all over her. Pointing my little finger to a […]

Book 1: Letter

The 28th day of March 2006, I had made a covenant with the Almighty God that I would give my daughter for His sole purpose in every area of her life. I asked Him to fill her with His Holy Spirit and to empower her to keep this Covenant. I asked Jesus Christ for a […]

Book 1 CH-1: My personal encounter with Jesus & Taken to Hell

It was all controlled by the Almighty that my entire future was changed. God’s perpetual power fore-ordained each of my personal encounters with His Son, Jesus Christ. In reality, there appeared God’s Divine Presence – sitting next to me. Such total peace and absolute conviction filled my heart. Immediately the Holy Spirit showed me that […]

Book 1 Ch-2: Jesus said this Chapter will be called Curses

[Ephesians 4: 27] “Leave no such room or footholds for the devil give no opportunity to him.” On the night of the 8th November, Jesus came to me; He communicated from His heart to mine. Jesus said, “This chapter will be called”  Curses He also said, “Wherever I go, only My Presence alone brings a Great […]

Book 1 Ch-2: The City of Nineveh

On the morning of the 20th March 2007, I was with the Lord Jesus Christ and was shown a revelation of insight into a particular mystery. A city situated in a mountainous area. Now while Jesus and I were walking through this city, we witnessed much wickedness. We were also well aware and vigilant of […]