Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 10

In September 2014, in a Spirit vision, Yolin is shown that a most terrible breed of human had manifested on the Earth. These appear as normal humans but in the spirit realm are seen as demons in human form. These abominations had appeared in their house masquerading up and down; the assignment of these human-demons was to torment the True Believers who had the Gift of Discernment, causing them unbearable anguish.

Yolin has a Spirit vision of two people to whom she had been sending booklets of Encounters with the Holy Lord Jesus. Shocked and overwhelmed with grief, her spirit pleads earnestly on their behalf for an extension of the Lord’s Grace – they had both received the RFID Chip, unenlightened, and totally unaware that it is the Mark of the Beast.

The Lord places a call upon the life of each and every one of us. Via an unsolicited WhatsApp message from another Believer, Yolin discovers the answer to what she has been seeking – the ‘Call’ upon her life is to prophesy, to be a Cup bearer.

Over the past year, Yolin and her mom had been tormented night and day by deep growling emanating from behind their fridge. These deep growls released a paralyzing force and no amount of rebuking helped until one day the Holy Spirit prompts them to sing about the wonder-working Power in the Precious Blood of the Lamb; oh, what a difference, this combined with releasing the Fire Power of the Holy Spirit and the Electricity of the Holy Spirit caused whatever it was to flee.

For many weeks on end, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, demonic attacks against Yolin and her mom intensified greatly. They awoke each morning in a state of paralysis, feeling absolutely battered, bruised and demonically ill. The more they rebuked, the more the evil intensified and manifested, with noxious, nauseous, malodorous smells permeating every room in the house. Burning pains mixed with fire of evil violently abused their sleep to the point of utter exhaustion. Once again, Cindy sought the Lord for answers, in fast and prayer, until she was shown the cause in a Spirit dream.

In a terrifying vision, Yolin is shown demon-demons in human form covering the entire earth. On the way to a local school she joins a mass of students heading towards the school and discovers that the gates are locked. Suddenly, the entire mass of thousands turned to stone, except for her. Unexpectedly, Jesus suddenly appears as a young white Man and reveals that the entire mass of thousands were all demon-demons in human form, and that Yolin is the only human-human

Book 10: Jesus said to me, “You are Human, Human”

I opened my eyes from the most terrifying experience in which I was shown demon-demons in human forms covering the entire earth. Half-way on my way to a local school, I joined a great mass of students heading toward the school. I was shocked and disappointed to discover that the gates were locked, while only […]

Book 10: Intense Warfare with Hell’s Best

That week, we could not sleep; as the warfare grew intense, I looked into the spirit realm. This hell-bound image came against us night after night. Until mom asked the Father, in the Name of Yahushua, to lock all evil that was present in a cell in Hell. “Never come back again in the Name […]

Book 10: Sincere Repentance Prayers by Larry Demers

Please google and download the video “The Blessing in Suffering for Your God” by Larry Demers.  Dear Reader, fast and pray continually four times a day the following:  Repentance Prayer 1 If you would like to repent, and fully prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, in the Deliverance of Rapture, then I […]

Book 10: The Gathering and the Rapture Song

On the morning of the 22nd October, I approached my mother and told her that I had been at the Gaither Camp Revival meeting. Looking around, I saw every singer who had been on their videos. Beside the Gaithers, I also saw Jimmy Swaggart; together we sang the Rapture Song. “We are all going to […]

Book 10: Three Days of Darkness

Once again, I was in another Spirit vision upon my bed; I watched as my mother was in earnest preaching. She paced up and down in the local shopping mall earnestly, but nobody took any notice of her. “Ison is going to hit this year 2014! If it does not occur this year I am […]

Book 10: Medusa

That day, a friend WhatsApp’d me; we had gone to the same school. Now after nine years, she contacted me and told me that she had gone to her local clinic. She said that something was injected into her hand to prevent her from falling pregnant. Immediately, the abominable attached to the RFID chip manifested. […]