Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 14

Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 14

Utterly exhausted by the constant warfare, Yolin and her mom ponder how dark forces are able to violently assault them especially in their sleep, leaving them all swollen and bruised on awakening. Yolin is hassled and intimidated by 2 evil personalities who had suddenly appeared uninvited on her Facebook. One day while listening to Retah McPherson on “Spiritual husbands and wives”, the secret of how this could happen is suddenly revealed into her Spirit. The Reader is warned to constantly cover their Facebook with the Blood of Jesus and the Blazing Fire of the Holy Spirit before activating it because the enemy, though in the physical, can spy on and attack one in the realm of the Spirit!!
Is it possible that every famous celebrity, every president, and all royalty, singers, sportsmen and sportswomen etc on earth have been cloned ? And is it unthinkable that aliens could inhabit the cloned bodies so that each person actually had three clones? This may sound like the plot of a Science Fiction movie but in reality this has been going on since the 1930’s and continues up until today! While watching a downloaded video of the death of a certain famous personality, their living room is suddenly filled with the most terrifying company of animal and half-human-half-animal manifestations. Immediately, intense warfare breaks out between them ; overwelmed by a Spirit vision, Yolin has a revelation that aliens really do inhabit these cloned bodies!
Incessant warfare continued to rage as they gathered each night for prayers, destroying every level of mystical and marine assignments and astral and shape shifting violence against them. Yolin and her mom are viciously attacked by the evil queen of the coast who had placed a steel grip around her wrist and dragged her out into the sea, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean where two currents of demonic worlds met, trying her utmost to drown them. In utter desperation, her physical body collapsing, she earnestly calls out to Jesus to save them.

Book 14: Being Monitored in the Spirit Realm

Being Monitored in the Spirit Realm Once again, I was to participate in the realm of the spirit; looming before me was Facebook. I saw a person with great darkness. My spirit knew it was Moses of Tanzania. I observed closely and saw that he had optical eyes. His spirit eyes constantly monitored anyone browsing […]

Book 14: Queen of the Coast a Wicked Spirit

Queen of the Coast a Wicked Spirit Yet warfare continued to rage as mom and I gathered each night for prayers, destroying every level of mystical and marine assignments and astral and shape shifting violence. Seeing that she was unsuccessful, she dragged us to the intersection where the Atlantic Ocean met another current. The waters […]

Book 14 : Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards

Three Deadly Spiritual Lizards Yet warfare intensified insomuch that mom was removing witchcraft bones, bright yellow coloured beads, pieces of crushed egg shells, sea shells, threads of wool and cotton, fresh coals, etc. I remained sick most of the time until she removed the filth from the premises. Then she told me that while sifting […]

Book 14: Almighty Father’s Hand

Almighty Father’s Hand In a Spirit revelation which loomed before me on two different occasions, an enormous hand reached down from Heaven. My spirit knew it was the hand of Almighty Father God. His hand was literally ablaze. The terribleness of Father’s Holiness was intense. Fire, Brilliance, Holiness, Purity, Majesty, Might – words are not […]

Book 14: Satanists had Infiltrated Ministries

Satanists had Infiltrated Ministries I had received a friendly request on Facebook from someone working at Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry, and without any thought, I accepted. That night, I prayed and asked the Lord, “Lord, I had seen downloads concerning Satanists infiltrating Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministry! Lord Jesus reveal unto me who this person really is who […]

Book 14: Spiritual husbands

Yet warfare intensified to such unimaginable expectations for weeks on end. One day I was listening to Retah McPherson on “Spiritual husbands and wives”. Then I thanked and praised the God of Heaven for at that point the secret was revealed into my Spirit. Mom had always told me that a door in the spirit […]

Book 14: Astral Gemstones

Astral Gemstones Yet warfare intensified almost out of control. Mom and I spent each night under heavy demon monitoring. Each morning was worse than the previous, and that is how we opened our eyes – feeling rotten and sick. One morning, mom investigated the garden, and lo and behold, there was an astral gemstone under […]

Book 14: Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher I had gone to a certain relative one evening and noticed a dream catcher behind the front door as we left and said goodbye, not imagining what would happen next. I called to mom most of that night, “Pray for me, I feel terrible! I cannot describe what is attacking me!” She said, […]

Book 14: Dense Darkness Covers the Earth

Dense Darkness Covers the Earth Mom and I had been heavily bombarded by dark forces which seemed to drain our strength leaving us exhausted day after day. She had already mentioned, “Yolin, it seems as though the entire sky and all the airways are heavy and tight.” The Lord opened my spirit eyes and allowed […]