Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 15

In April 2016, Yolin is taken to a particular section of Hell where she is catapulted into such an agonizing and horrifying experience that she becomes blind, dumb and paralyzed. She is carried to a certain place where the Lord completely heals and restores her. Why had the Lord allowed her to experience this terrible, terrible torment? In an open Spirit vision, an image of Anton LaVey, founder of the church of satan, looms before her, and her Spirit understands.

Yolin’s mom is viciously attacked by her old enemy – the ancestral and generational demons of heart attacks and cardiac failures. Demonic ‘spirit-like atoms’ brutally pound her chest with inexplicable powerful bands, suffocating and paralysing her. Her strength rapidly dwindling, she finds herself in an impossible, life and death struggle against the evil forces of darkness which desperately seek to destroy her. Rebuking and binding the demons have no effect. How can she possibly survive this terrific onslaught?

Book 15: White Eyed Demon Kid

White Eyed Demon Kid Meanwhile, warfare intensified leaving me speechless! Mom had dozed off after prayer. I stood beside her bed with our guinea pig. I had not realized that something had shape shifted into our pet. Mom awoke as a thunderbolt of evil fire surged over her physical body, running over her bed like […]

Book 15: Aliens

Aliens As the time passed into weeks, I was taken into Spirit revelation and lo and behold, when I peeped out from behind the curtains of my bedroom, I suddenly had lock jaw. The unimaginable was unfolding before my very eyes. The Earth was thrown into disarray, and complete chaos reigned like great swelling waves. […]

Book 15: Continual Warfare

Continual Warfare Still warfare continued so that we were under the impression that the white-eyed demon kid was still at large. Our sore broken bodies were on the verge of collapse when I was taken into an open Spirit vision. This thing illustrated below should be viewed as being a thousand times worse in appearance […]