Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 3

In a vision, Yolin is shown that Believers are the ones on earth to exercise authority over the devil. When Jesus arose from the dead He immediately took His Authority on earth and delegated it to His Church. He said that “in My Name they shall cast out devils”. [Mark 16:15–17].

All of God’s Power is invested in the Name of Jesus. The prince of all the darkness knows that he has to bow to the Power and Authority of the Name of Jesus. Not only in this age and in this world but also in the age and the world which are to come.

However, many Believers suffer through lack of knowledge – they are ignorant of the authority given to them in the Name of Jesus. Satan has obscured this vital knowledge, blinding their understanding because he knows that if people only knew and exercised their rightful authority in Jesus’ Name, they could be set free from Satan’s spiritual bondage.

In her visions, Yolin is helped several times by a Man who mysteriously appears when she is in danger. Jesus, in different disguises watches over Yolin, keeping her safe under his protective wing.

Yolin’s mom has a Spirit dream in which she and Yolin undergo in-depth, intensive training in how to protect themselves and others against the satanic onslaught.

In another vision, Yolin and Brother Michael ride upon an enormous, wild War Horse which she has to learn to restrain with special training. The Horse is symbolic of the New Movement which he has been called to start.

The spiritual warfare in which they are engaged, increases and intensifies. Mysterious, hostile enemies appear, and Yolin and her mom are constantly and persistently bombarded by demonic assaults and their property defiled with occult objects. Fierce battles ensue, and they overcome the satanic forces and break the curses of witchcraft, again and again, by pleading the Life and Power of the Blood of the Lamb of God.
The Lord has given them two powerful weapons – His Blood and His Word. These weapons cannot fail and Satan understands that he cannot fight against them.

Once more, Yolin finds herself back in the School of Heaven, having to write a test along with other students. Back in the natural realm, the Joy of the Lord fills her and she is granted a Spirit of Wisdom.

Book 3: Opening Scriptures

[Psalm 105 : 15 ] Saying, Touch not my Anointed, And do My prophets no harm  [Ecclesiastes 7 : 29] Behold this is the only reason for it that i have found: God made man upright, but they men and women have sought out many devices for evil.  [1 John 3: 8-10] But he who commits sin who […]

Book 3: Curses Part Three

It is 13th January 2008; I was taken into a vision of the morning in which I was walking along a pathway through enormous botanical gardens which stretched for miles and miles. Multicolored flowers, the trees and the luxuriant undergrowth reached into the sky. Everything appeared even more glorious in every way; no faded flowers, no litter, no dried or dead leaves.

Book 3: Blood Protecting Boundary

It is the 30th March; during the wee hours of the morning, once again there appeared an open vision to my mother of three sublime, yellow roses. She had drifted into a deep sleep and saw wicked people who were transformed into dark brown wild horses. These were massing outside our house preparing to attack. […]

Book 3: Remnant to undergo intense training

It is the 31st March; in a vision of the morning upon my bed, I was with a small team. We were on our way to a vast forest in a huge army truck. Driving us were four instructors; the Remnant were to undergo intensive training. Soldiers of the Militant Church, equipped with military resources, […]

Book 3: Huge War Horse

In a morning vision of the 10th April 2008, Brother Michael Birch and I were on our way to my grandparents. We were riding upon a very huge War Horse. I had never seen such an enormous stallion. Put under restraint, the wild horse had to be tamed. Brother Michael supported me, while in such […]