Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 4

In a vision, Yolin and her mother are with a multitude at the seashore and notice that the waters are filthy. Nobody heeds their warnings. Suddenly everyone is gripped by an extreme mindless terror as an enormous, great tidal wave of mind-boggling proportions suddenly emerges before them. In complete darkness and amidst the deafening noise of the crashing waves, they become hysterical and lose all control. Suddenly, a door appears, inscribed with the words “ABRAHAM’S BOSOM”. Yolin sees the Righteous enter in order to escape from the monstrous tidal wave. However, it becomes apparent that it is not only unbelievers who could not enter, but also believers. The Spirit causes her to understand that the believers who could not enter were those who did not have the Holy Spirit of God. An invisible shield prevented them from passing through the door. As the door is closed, those who could not enter are taken away by the Great Tidal Wave as it receded – within seconds nothing remained.

The New Movement of God is a Spirit End-Time Movement and consists of the Last Day Army who will all be arrayed in the Purple Robe, like the Lord Jesus. They will be led and controlled absolutely by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. His Will and Purpose for His Last Day Church will overcome Satan by His Blood and by making Him their Testimony, for Life is in His Blood and never loses its Power. These are the fearless ones who will not retreat. They will only live for the Lord Jesus Christ and will overcome the darkest evil in the last days.

Yolin is shown a spirit vision of Revelation Chapter 13 – she sees the spirit of the Beast from which everyone flees with great terror and trembling. It went out over the masses and with a great force, sucked out each person’s mind and placed them under his absolute control. The hopeless masses walked around like zombies with just a shell of a mind. The most terrible thing was that the masses were unaware that they were walking about with only the shell of a mind. They paid great homage to the Beast and worshipped him. He deceived everyone – great and small, rich and poor, using the spirit of fear to contaminate the atmosphere and control the entire population of Earth. It was only the Remnant – God’s Holy People – who through His Supremacy, were able to withstand and resist the powerful authority of the Beast, despite coming under heavy demonic attacks and being condemned to death for refusing to worship the Beast and its image.

In a spirit dream, Yolin is shown that Brother Michael, who heads Christ End-Time Ministries, is given ‘The Sword’. He begins duelling with an angel of light who is all geared up and discovers that it is none other than the deceiver of old, personally posing as an angel of light.

Book 4 – Standing in the Gap

Refer to the decision that Brother Michael and mom made to stand in the gap for their relative. He had received so many letters from mediums and grew rather sickly. For this reason, they stood in the gap so that the Father, through His Son, would reveal this matter. It was hit and run from […]

Book 4 – Intense Warfare

Warfare continued, raging night and day for months on end. She would be in prayer until five in the morning, only sleeping for two hours. During the wee hours of the 18th January 2010, Satan had lined up his generals and commanders with one intention – to destroy. The Spirit of God awoke her, and […]

Book 4 – A Sharper discernment won the battle

In a Spirit dream 16th May 2010, mom was in a certain place. Evil moved heavily about when suddenly unseen forces began attacking her. With each unexpected strike, her gift of discernment became sharper until she became super-sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is how the spirit battle was fought and won. […]

Book 4 – Abraham’s Bosom

In a vision of the morning of 3rd February 2009, mother and I were with a multitude at the seashore. I noticed that the sea became very dirty and I remarked, “Look!!! The waters are filthy.” All underestimated the uncleanness, but we protested. In spite of our forewarning outcries, time like the present, these people […]

Book 4 – Demonic Games

It is the evening of the 2nd April 2009; mom was fasting and interceding for a deep revelation as to why I was being so attacked by evil forces. For this and many other reasons, she laid before the Father for more than a month. Every morning at about 2 am, a demon would stand […]

Book 4 – The Resurrection

In the early hours of the 13th March 2009, I lay half awake, when suddenly I was taken into a vision. Whether in my body or out my body, I cannot tell but I saw myself asleep. During that space of time there were three separate forms lying on the bed. All three persons were […]