ReLeasing the Anointing by Kat Kerr

Angel Gabriel Published on 9 Jun 2016 This is 7 parts of the same subject (tidbits) where Kat spoke on different occasions about releasing the anointing. “Father stir and activate the anointing that lives in me as your child, because I’m about to release it.” “Father I choose to release the anointing” “I release the […]

PDF: Journey To Freedom: Generational Blessings, Bk2- Amanda Buys

Journey To Freedom- Generational Blessings, Book 2 Amanda Buys DOWNLOAD PDF: J2F2 Generational Blessings TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I: A Hebraic Understanding To Man’s Purpose And A Life Of Abundant Blessings  God’s Purpose For Man  Authority Of Blessing  God’s Mandate To Fathers Is To Bless Children  The Conflict Between The Greco-Roman Understanding Of Blessing And […]

All Pagan Roads by Amanda Buys

KanaanMinistriesSA Published on 15 Nov 2016 The following is of a teaching Amanda did in Germany in 2015, entitled ALL PAGAN ROADS LEAD TO BABYLON. Why are there SECRET ORGANISATIONS and OCCULTIC BELIEF SYSTEMS, WHY does MIND CONTROL / SRA – DID exist? In this teaching Amanda discusses the THREE BABYLONS: – Financial – Political […]

Session 3: Second Heaven Part 2 – Amanda Buys

John Mark Published on 29 Sep 2016 Dear Friends, This is an important SRA/DID update to those who are working with survivors and those who have a history of trauma-based-mind-control. I want to express my deep appreciation for Amanda Buys at Kanaan Ministries for her excellent work of conceptualizing this message and producing these power […]