Muslims Convert to Christianity After Watching This Video

muslims convert to christianity after watching this video

Muslims Convert to Christianity After Watching This Video by David Wood This video is originally Called: Top Ten Reasons Muhammad is a False Prophet (Jesus or Muhammad Show) If anybody wants to hear David Wood speaking about Islam then please take a look at his channel on YouTube to learn more. David’s channel is called: […]

The Maccabees: Uncovering the Deuterocanonical Books

Bible Survival Published on 20 Jan 2016 This video marks the first in a series meant to explain the Deuterocanonical Texts of the Old Testament; books that appeared in the original Hebrew version of the Old Testament but were excluded from the modern version we see in our Bibles today. Why were they removed? Who […]


Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on 5 Dec 2015 Kennedy Beltram sings “It’s Bubbling” Cherie Beltram sermon on “Programmed Slaves of the Illuminati” in the End Times. This message is based on the book by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, “How to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Illuminati Slave.” This is only […]


Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on 24 Dec 2015 Kennedy Beltram sings: “Sunbeam”, “Jesus Love the Little Children”, and “Behold.” Cherie Beltram sermon on “Project Blue Beam” in the End Times. A PDF of this message can be found under “Sermons” at : http://www.threeheartschurch.org/index.php/sermons/sermon/104-project-blue-beam-part-one or  click here to download it Find us on […]

Mark of the Beast – the RFID is in tattoo form…

Susan Davis 8 September 2016 The Bible says the mark will be in the hand and the forehead–so is the RFID… It says it will involve buying selling–so is the RFID… NOW LISTEN TO THIS–the Bible NEVER says–watch for the 2nd 3rd or 4th generation of the mark that meets the above criteria–so the Christians: […]

What does it mean to be in God’s Will?

Susan Davis 1 September 2016 “Questions for and Answers from GOD”–Part V: (Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, May 16, 2014) Susan’s Question: What does it mean to be in YOUR Will? The LORD’s Answer: This is the meaning of the question: to be in MY Will you must surrender your ALL to ME, […]


Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on Sep 24, 2016 Kennedy Beltram and Brielle sing “Happy All the Time” Cherie Beltram sermon on “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” in the End Times. Find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Three.Hearts.ChurchTaken at: Three Hearts Church 23010 Gabriel Street, ste. 107 New Caney, TX 77357 http://www.threeheartschurch.org References: Sermon […]

How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit?

Susan Davis‎ 21 September 2016 Today someone sent me this question: How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit? How to test whether I have it or not? This is my honest opinion: these are ways to know if you have CHRIST’s SPIRIT in you: you will begin to want to read the Bible–and […]