How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit?

Susan Davis‎ 21 September 2016 Today someone sent me this question: How do I know if I have Jesus’ spirit? How to test whether I have it or not? This is my honest opinion: these are ways to know if you have CHRIST’s SPIRIT in you: you will begin to want to read the Bible–and […]

The true meaning of Grace

Susan Davis 25 August 2016 Today’s Definition: GRACE: Often people use the word grace from the Bible without true understanding of what they are saying. Lukewarm who go to church but have no identifiable relationship with GOD (by spending time in prayer; reading their Bible faithfully–surrendering their life over to GOD completely–praying to be in […]

The Cosmic Hierarchy


The Cosmic Hierarchy by Dr. Tom R. Hawkins Download PDF here Over the past several years we began to notice that instead of deliverance and spiritual warfare producing positive results and freedom, in some cases it seemed to cause severe retaliation, both for the client and the therapist, especially in the highly complex clients that […]

The Courts of Heaven Message Series

The Courts of Heaven Message Series

The Courts of Heaven Message Series: Part 1 & 2 By H. Pitts Evans Download PDF Jer 23:18 But which of them has ever stood in my courts? Have they been there to see a vision or hear my message? Who has listened and heard my message there?…20b In days to come you will understand […]

Prosperity Gospel

Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on Apr 3, 2015 Kennedy Beltram quotes Psalm 24. Cherie Beltram sermon on “Prosperity Gospel” in the End Times. Health and wealth, name it and claim it or Word of Faith – have you heard of this kind of preaching? Let’s talk about it. Sewing seeds, call right now and […]


Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on 1 Oct 2016 Kennedy Beltram and Brielle tell the 7 Days of Creation. Cherie Beltram sermon on “Eve, satan, and the Snake: Serpent Seed” in the End Times. A PDF of this message can be found under “Sermons” at : http://www.threeheartschurch.org/Sermons/2016-09-25_EVE-SATAN-and-the-SNAKE-SERPENT-SEED.pdf or click here to download it Find […]

MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries…

Susan Davis 7 September 2016 LIST OF CURSED OBJECTS: Recent Word from our LORD: “MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries, your homes, your children’s rooms; anything that exists that can be defiled has been touched by the foul stench of evil moving throughout the land.” It is true that so many people—even […]

Satanic Super Soldiers – Russ Dizdar – 2nd Show

Satanic Super Soldiers – 2nd Show – Russ Dizdar with Jeff Rense  FreemasonicKnowledge Published on Jan 24, 2013 by http://www.youtube.com/user/urupiper2 ”In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The ‘Black Awakening’ will occur! For them, those who served this […]


EVIL SPIRIT or HOLY SPIRIT: OCCULT DECEPTION in the CHURCH – Part Three Three Hearts Church / Cherie Beltram Published on 24 May 2015 Kennedy Beltram sings “Oh say but I’m Glad” & ” Deep, Deep” Cherie Beltram sermon on “Evil Spirit or Holy Spirit” in the End Times. Some of the things discussed in […]

Grace is for the bride of CHRIST…

Susan Davis 22 September 2016 The lukewarm embrace “grace” because they want to do whatever they want–they want to be “lawless”–but we know that is of the antichrist–the man of lawlessness– the truth is the lukewarm do not have grace because if they die and face GOD they will be spit out and that is […]