Testimonies by believers from all around the world

Stopping the Enemy ( Testimony )

pafn888 Published on 28 Jul 2014 Max Solbrekken gives a testimony of a powerful encounter with the enemy in Montreal, Canada which subsequently resulted in much blessings! The actual testimony starts about 1:20 min on the video.

Short Film – “God Is My Strength”

The Church of Almighty God Published on 4 Jul 2016 She was once a young girl full of dreams for the future. After graduating from college, she stepped into society and started her own business. During that period, she met with many frustrations and saw the darkness of society. The cruel reality tore up her […]

3 Wonderful Near-Death Experiences!

truthrabbit Published on 30 Sep 2018 Three wonderful testimonies of people that had Near Death Experiences and were given a choice to stay or return… though they all wanted to stay (in God’s perfect love), they all chose to return for the sake of their loved ones… and to tell us about their experience so […]

Bread from the Potter – The elements are raging

Source: The elements are raging – Bread from the Potter 5/15/2018 Matthew 24:6-7, Matthew 24:29, Luke 21:11, Luke 21:25-26 The elements are raging My elements are ready to obey my commands. They obey without question and accomplish all that I have uttered from my mouth. The only thing keeping my mouth mute is mercy. I […]