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Pastor Idemudia Guobadia Testimony – “satan and GOD Is Real”

PASTOR ID EX OCCULTIST TESTIMONY: “SATAN AND GOD IS REAL”- “OVERCOMERS IN CHRIST MINISTRY” Kay Boachie Published on 6 Dec 2015 Deliverance prayers,prayer of deliverance, spiritual warfare,casting out of demons,incubus,succubus, spiritual marriage, apostle johnson suleman,brother kay,brian carn,witches and witchcraft,demons and angels,prophetic voice, blood of Jesus Christ, deliverance ministry,fasting and prayers,waging spiritual warfare, coven of witches,demons,glory […]

Book 16: Majin Buu

Majin Buu Once again I had participated in yet another illustration that I will try to explain. While everyone at the school grounds was taking a lunch break, the impossible made its appearance. Hysterically, all fled. Loud, deep, painful screams and sobs filled the air. The unmatchable Majin Buu began exerting unusual dark powers. The […]