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A man with 4 faces

A man with four faces

A man with 4 faces Beloved, we are talking about the four faces of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in the prophecy. Revelation 4:7. The first living creature was like a lion, the second like a calf, the third had a face like a man and the fourth was like an eagle in flight.

In the Valley of Torture

In the Valley of Torture

In the Valley of Torture An eye-witness account of a man describing some of the events that God allowed him to see, when he was taken in the spirit to a portion of hell called “The Valley of Torture”.

Revelations of Hell – 7 Columbian Youths

Together as a group, these 7 Columbian youths were taken by Jesus Christ and shown Heaven and Hell. Hear their account of the Glories of Heaven and misery of Hell. Due to the recording that this was translated from, we could only record 6 testimonies. Originally transcribed from Spanish Audio Illustrations/Pictures were added later, and […]

Muslim Woman Rises from the Dead after 2 days in Morgue…

Muslim Woman Rises from the Dead After 2 Days in Morgue, Tells Family Jesus Brought Her Back to Life Christian Today / Hazel Torres 10 October 2016 http://www.christiantoday.com/article/muslim.woman.rises.from.the.dead.after.2.days.in.morgue.tells.family.jesus.brought.her.back.to.life/97600.htm This Muslim woman was pronounced dead and lying cold in a morgue in Moscow, Russia for two days already. Suddenly, she returned to life and stepped out of […]

A Trip To Hell – Pastor Philip Mantofa

A Trip To Hell – Pastor Philip Mantofa This is a True story written by Pastor Philip Mantofa. Please spend sometime to read through this article. Dear Friend, January 1st, 2000, 5 am in the morning, I was in a large desert, dry and infertile. The wind was so heavy and the weather was so […]