Testimonies by believers from all around the world

Visitation To The Throne Room of God

Visitation to the Throne Room of God by Peter Tan   In 1986 when the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me, I was then sitting on a sofa chair. He stood in front of me on my left. I thought He had come to answer one of my prayers – which was to visit heaven. […]

The Last Pamphlet

A heartwarming testimony of a young boy who went out in the rain to hand out the last of his fathers church’s pamphlets, little did he know what would happen that day.

Anton LaVey’s Deathbed Confession

Anton LaVey's Deathbed Confession

Anton LaVey’s Deathbed Confession A video detailing Anton LaVey’s final moments before he died. Anton was the Founder of the First Church of Satan, and author of The Satanic Bible. In his final moments, he comes to the terrible realization that he had allowed himself to be deceived by the devil and now faces eternity […]

Richard Eby’s Hell Vision


Richard Eby’s Hell Vision This is both parts of Richard Eby’s Hell Vision. He shared this in 1979 at Central Assembly in Boise Idaho. Warning: Children under age should ask their parents or guardian before watching this hell testimony. Richard Eby was cast into the role of sinner and got a chance to see and […]

Prepare To Meet Your God! by Angelica Zambrano

Prepare to meet your God! The Kingdoms of Heaven & Hell, and the Return of CHRIST by Angelica Zambrano For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ. She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost […]

Demonic Traps Set For Children

Divine Revelations Of Heaven & Hell 3 March, 2016 DEMONIC TRAPS SET FOR CHILDREN — “Then the angels started motioning for me to look more closely and they showed me the faces of these (demonic) creatures and that many of these horrible beings are already shown to us on television. These beings were MONSTROUS!! I […]

2nd Chances: the Resurrection of Theo Nez

Introduction: Theo Nez grew up on the Navajo Nation near the 4 corners of the USA. He still lives in that area. In 1995 he bought Mary Baxter’s book “Divine Revelation Of Hell” thinking he would live for another 30 years and had plenty of time to get right with God. He put it off but, six months later while doing Meth in […]