Children Being Tortured & Killed – Still Small Voice

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Published on 7 Feb 2018

“My children, the evil in this world is beyond your ability to imagine. It is so subtle and unrecognizable from the surface view, and I have many such warriors who take on the sufferings of these little ones to release them from their agonizing prison of hopelessness. So many of them are homebound and unable to lead normal lives, but they find their total fulfillment in living for others and interceding.
“These will be queens and kings in Heaven and be given many responsibilities to shoulder for their brothers and sisters, whether in Heaven or on Earth. My Body is one and we are all interconnected. When one rejoices, all rejoice. When one suffers, we all suffer. In this way suffering is not overpowering but spread broadly across the Body. That is why these weeks have been so difficult. Many are suffering for the world and the American nation, and exactly how it will impact the world.”
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