Choose Now Message 392 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 11, 2017

Chose Now Message 392

My Children, there is more going on than you see, more going on than you know, and there are many that are following the enemy and do not even see it.

They think they are following the light, but they truly are following the darkness. My Children, do you see love in their words for Me?

Do they tell you of Me and My Kingdom? Do they bring you into Me, or into their thinking. Yes we are all connected but My Children know this, I Am the head, I Am God, and I Am in charge.

Do not lose faith, do not fall into doubt thinking you are not wanted by Me, thinking you are not worthy. I love you all, and each one of you has a purpose, a great purpose.

Stand firm in Me, My truth, and My love. I Am truly transforming you all now, and even though you do not think you feel it, I Am there with you.

There are many that are listening to Me, but there are many that are not. Many are looking into things that do not matter, and not to Me. Come to Me for discernment, know how I lead you and follow.

Do not fall into the darkness, into doubt and fear. This is not of Me, My loves, I Am of light, love and peace, not condemnation.

My Children, come back, come back to Me now. Choose the light as there truly is no time to waste, as the door to the ark is closing, and I want none to be locked outside.

Do not be outside of Me, My loves, do not fall for the wolf in sheep’s clothing as they may look like sheep but are truly wolves and want nothing more than to lead you away.

There are also goats acting as sheep, but they too will sound like sheep. They sound like they have Me speaking through them but they do not.

Come into My fruitfulness, My love, peace and understanding now, and seek Me for discernment and the answers to your questions.

If you do not know My Son’s salvation, go to Him now and ask Him in to your heart now, as you cannot serve two masters.

So choose now and choose wisely as the hour is here.


Stay in our Lord, do not fear what is to come, as He has us all in hand. We are His and He is ours and will let no harm come to us.
Pray for His Will to be done and that every soul come to Him now and receive Him. God bless us all as His Will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.