Bread from the Potter – Cleansing by fire


Source: Cleansing by fire – Bread from the Potter


Isaiah 48:10, Isaiah 66:16, Zechariah 13:9, Hebrews 12:29, 1 Peter 1:7, 2 Peter 3:7, 2 Peter 3:10.

Cleansing by fire

Children it is time to put away your carnal desires.

Do you not see that the seasons have changed; do you not feel it in the spirit?

Do you not hear of wars and rumors of war?

What will it take to convince you that the time of my return is at hand?

Have I not been shouting about this for a while now?

Do you wish for me to stop warning you?

What will that accomplish?

I am weary of seeing souls perishing daily, I am weary of seeing all that I created constantly being corrupted before my very eyes.

I yearn to see goodness reign supreme upon the earth, the time of the restoration of all things good is at hand.

Children, I was human once and I saw and felt the effects of sin.

I bore it heavily upon my body while I was on the cross.

I saw and experienced first hand the depressive, corrupting and daily death that sin brings into your lives.

I felt the heavy weight and I longed for this weight to be removed from me and it was removed from me as I ascended to my Father.

You are still living in this body of sin and as such sin weighs heavily upon you but it is up to you to subdue your flesh and make it subject to your spirit.

I hear you my children I hear you groaning and sighing deeply as this heavy weight of sin keeps putting pressure on you on a daily basis.

I feel your despair as you watch the world sink deeper and deeper into debauchery.

I see the longing for goodness in your heart.

I hear your soul yearning for release from the world.

The time of my return is here, you do not have to wait too much longer but you must continue in ministry until I return.

One day everything good will be restored to its rightful place for I have prepared a place of peace and freedom from evil, a place where nothing will ever hurt you again, a place where all is in harmony yet ever developing, ever learning and never idle.

This is not an imaginary place, Eden was not an imaginary place it was a real place where all nature lived in harmony one with another until the treacherous serpent entered the garden and brought chaos and disorder.

The fall in the Garden of Eden did not just affect man, it affected everything else, all was out of balance, out of order and death was introduced into the earth, the death of all that I had created upon the earth.

Not long after came murder and savagery, lies and envy, lust and all forms of vice.

The world in Noah’s day was swimming in a sewer of sin so filthy it took the waters of heaven and the fountains of the deep to wash it away.

That was the first cleansing, a cleansing by water but there is coming a different cleansing one as with fire and all will be purified by fire, all that is corrupted will be reduced to ash and a new heaven and a new earth will replace it.

These words are in my word, they are true and they will indeed be fulfilled in due season.

You have something good to look forward to my loves therefore do not despair anymore.

I love you.

Jesus, Amen.