Climb My Mountain Message 423 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 1 Feb 2017

Climb My Mountain Message 423

I shared my dreams in the last message of seeing the bride, groom and two witnesses, and of climbing the mountain. I was very, very tired after I had the message written and confirmed and laid down to nap.

While I was napping I had another dream, and when I awoke I was brought into understanding of some things in dreams from the past. In this dream I had today, I saw two of my five brothers, John, and Daniel, then was at my mother’s house. It looked like her house in life but it was a lot bigger.

The house was empty of things, no furniture nothing but there were a lot of people I did not know there. She was sweeping the floor making ready the house for the new furniture and decor. I went into the kitchen where she was and I told her that I had a dream that the whole family had climbed the mountain and got into Heaven.

When I told her this I thought of the dream I had last night of the VW Bugs and I going up the mountain, and I knew we were in Heaven. Then I woke up and felt very rested and happy.

I remembered the dream that I was sitting at a desk or table in front of the TV, with a man seated next to me waiting for a message from my husband.

I had the knowing that we have been paired with the saints of old already through our gifts and our walk with the Lord.

He told me again as He has in many other messages that the Great Harvest had begun many years ago and that we are bringing it in right now.

I was interested in finding out what the VW in the dream meant and found the numbers 5,2,3. V is 5, and W is the twenty third letter in the alphabet.

I was led to add them up and got 10. I then googled 10 bible, and found a lot of great things, 10 is the number of stars on the woman’s crown in Revelation, the number of toes and horns in Daniel and Revelation.

In Philippians 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, and that there are 10 verses about poverty and justice.

My Children, this truly is the time to reveal My truth and understanding to you as soon, so very soon now, it will happen, I will bring the family, My whole family home and into Heaven.

There is much death around you right now as many are expressing a spiritual death as they have stopped seeking Me and My truth.

Come back into your walk with Me now, let Me take the lead and come back into life within Me. Truly I wait with open arms to welcome you back.

I have told you all so very many times that things will not happen as you think, and you still hold on to the flesh.

When you seek Me with the things and the ideas of this world alone, or are not letting Me lead you first then you are seeking a physical relationship.

When you trust in Me to let Me take the lead completely then you are walking in the spirit, in My Spirit and have a spiritual relationship with Me as this is how it should be, as I Am spirit.

No, I Am not saying I Am not in every believer, I Am saying that I Am in your spirit and you truly need to let Me take you higher.

Higher than your thoughts, higher than the beliefs of man, higher than the books you read, higher than the church you attend, as your relationship is to be with Me, and with Me through My Holy Spirit guiding you brings you unto Me and into My understanding.