I Come Message 398 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 15, 2017

I Come Message 398

I was just thinking of the event that happened today, and the messages I had been led to, and thought “Lord what now”?

I heard, “I COME.”

As I was praying over this message I asked the Lord “what are you trying to tell me?”

I clicked on YouTube and it refreshed the first video link that I saw was John Denver singing “I’m leaving on a jet plane.”

I was led to look up the name and found, In Hebrew the meaning of the name John is ‘Jehovah has been gracious’. The name Denver is of Old English and French origin, and means green valley.

The Lord then brought to mind Psalms 23, and said “I have a table prepared for you.”

I then looked back at the computer and saw that the next video in line was a song called “Victor’s Crown,” and the next was Jesus You Are My Healer.

My Children, I have told you that I will come at a time that you do not know, that you will not know the day or the hour.

This is because I will stop time and no man will know the day or the hour, as time will not exist on any realm when I do.

The events of the day had been foretold, and My coming is now.

The world has not listened to Me, many do not listen, but soon they all will, as all will hear the thunder as I COME.


I pray that if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior that you go to Him now as there is no more time. No we do not know just when but time is promised to no man.
No one knows just when He will call their name. If you do know the Lord of course make sure your house is in order by repenting and letting Him make ready your heart for His coming.
God bless us all as we wait for His will to be done.