Praise Jesus King and Savior

Published on Mar 3, 2017

Come out of her My sons and daughters, today!
If you claim to follow Me and be one of My sheep, I say to you COME OUT OF Babylon TODAY!
Many of you are hearing the calling of My spirit, and know without a doubt that you can not continue to operate in the parameters you have been operating in anymore.
There is a movement of My spirit across the lands, a tide so to speak, as I gently but authoritatively draw you out of enemy strongholds.
Many are feeling that things are changing, and something is happening in the spiritual realm that is pulling you away and closer to Me.
Your prayers are being heard and I Am assembling My army as I have been speaking about for several months now.
Those who are listening and are spending time with Me every day, who are placing Me first and foremost in all they do, you are being strategically placed in the areas I want you to minister in and with the people you are to join with during these momentous days spoken of by My prophets.
 Continue to listen for My instructions. All that is not of Me will indeed fall.
 One of the enemy’s greatest accomplishments has been from the beginning of My church, to create divisions through denominations.
My church so quickly became consumed with traditions and doctrines and rites of passage, that they forgot why I was here and what I had taught you to do.
When I walked on this earth with My disciples, I taught you ways that are Kingdom ways, and these ways are simple My friends.
I walked and supped with you, talked with you, ministered to your needs, and prayed with you.
This is all I have ever wanted Our Body to be about.
We had communion. We had relationship.
I did not try to organize anything, I embodied LOVE and that encompassed all. This still holds true dear people.
My ways are right and true and pure.
I Am calling up a people now that lays down separation, division, and vain attempts to feign church as you have known it to be for so long.
 You know who you are now, and all I require is that you ask My Holy Spirit to reveal to you the giftings and direction that I have created you for in this moment now.
Do not fear to step out into this calling, for it is finally time to move!
The paradigms of your societies are shifting quickly, and you must flow into your next purpose with authority, and with peace, knowing I direct all your moves.
 I will have a body of unity again, like days of old, a body that is effectual in leading and ministering and healing, for many multitudes will soon flock to you.
 They will come because it is My light, and My love permeating your spirit, and they will see that I am real, and that I come for all.
Pray unceasingly for discernment, as I will be bringing you into places and with the people I will have you minister with.
Forget the ways of the past, and church as you have known it.
I will show you My true meaning of unity, and oneness in the spirit.
How marvelous it will be for you to experience that for which you were created!
Oh the joy that will supersede all you’ve ever known.
Watch for Me in ways you’ve never expected before.
I AM ever-present!
Do not fear that you will not be made aware of the direction you should take.
If you have surrendered all to Me, there is nothing to worry about.
You will hear My voice, and you will be comforted.
I have never left you alone, why would I do so now?
I will manifest in powerful ways amongst you and My glory will be known throughout the earth.
The darkness must flee around you when I Am present.
Remember to whom you belong.
Pray for the people I will place you together with to be put into their positions, pray for divine meetings, and My purpose to now manifest in your lives.
Nothing is coincidence or happenstance.
I Am moving in every moment and each circumstance and situation in your lives is going to reflect My flow.
Be ever so careful not to hinder this movement by allowing distractions and things of the world to creep back in.
Remove yourself continually from this world, and unite your spirit with Me in the spirit realm.
In doing this, you will know what Heaven is about at this time.
You will have no problem understanding and walking step in step with My plans.
My ways are so simple, and so pure.
You have entered into a time that will indeed be very dark, and very painful for those who have rejected Me and My love for them.
You will see much in these days, and much of it will not be easy to experience.
There will be those that are unreachable, those whose hearts are too hardened to My message, those you will watch perish without knowing the hope I have offered them.
Your hearts will break because of this, and you will also experience the sadness that I do when this occurs.
Because We are one, We feel the same.
There will be much work to be done however, so you must continue to move and minister and reach out to the lost as these earth changes occur.
Feed My sheep.
My Will, My plan, will be accomplished.
The fate of many has already been sealed.
The things I have put in motion will now increase in intensity, do not be alarmed at how fiercely they come.
Your world will shake mightily and violently.
I have spoken it before many times, through many people, I will not be mocked.
I have given many visions and messages and pictures so that My chosen will know what to expect.
It is not for you to know the details of what I am doing, only that much, much must occur in order to expose the darkness, the lies, the deception and the wickedness.
I am separating the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, and if you are not grounded in Me, you will not stand.
Do not become consumed with how things will play out.
This is only another way the enemy keeps your focus off of Me.
Stay in the Word, pray, pray, pray, and continue to love others as I love them.
This is My command. Be obedient, be faithful.
Pay close attention to what is happening in the spiritual realm.
You will very soon see a large and destructive war, and this is no surprise as it has been prophesied in My Word. Many will perish.
When you see this, you will know that I am so very close to My second coming.
The man of perdition will be exposed.
Pray My people that you will see him for who he is, and that you would not be deceived.
Sadly, many of the elect will be, as they only know Me superficially, and have not the intimacy with Me that I desire.
This is another reason it is so important to come out of babylon, walk away from anyone or anything that is not directly speaking from My holy Word.
I am not religion, I want a relationship with every one of you.
Speak repentance to all.
Tell them of My mercy and My grace and My love for them.
Do not bring them fear about what must happen on the earth, these changes that are coming.
Simply speak love, love, love.
I thank you all for answering this call, and for your obedience at this time.
With all of My love, Messiah, King of the Universe
re-upload from 09/15/2012