It Is Coming Message 422 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 1 Feb 2017

It Is Coming Message 422

On the 29th, and 30th there were two mosques attacked, one in Quebec and one in Texas. The mosque was burnt to the ground hours after Trump stopped planes from coming into our country in Texas, and at least six people were killed in the Quebec attack. Trump is also sending many Muslims out of our country.

There also were many including me that seemed to get another infusion in our transformation. For me the dreams seemed to be deeper in spiritual meaning and I really feel the Spirit faster when I am being given a message.

On the night of the 29th , I had a dream that there was a sinister looking man. There were people doing business with him, selling him their things and it upset me that they were because I knew they should not trust him, nor should be selling their things to anyone.  He was angry that I was there and showed it by the way he looked at me, wanting me to leave them alone.

I see now this dream was warning of two things, people selling their oil, and buying into the snares of the enemy without seeing it for themselves. It also has been brought to my knowing that there were and are many deals being made behind closed doors, by the elite in the world, and the governments.

Last night I had three short dreams; First I saw a bride and groom and on each side of them was a witness, as I woke up I was saying that the most important part of this was the two witnesses.

The next dream, I was climbing a mountain, in front of me the road that forked to the left. I saw VW bugs driving up them and I could see that some of them had a very hard time climbing them as their car did not have enough power to go up them easily. The bugs went on both roads, the road that went straight ahead of me got wider and was chosen most.

I thought of hitching a ride, but where I was at I could not be sure which road they were going on so I kept walking. I chose to continue alone on foot and found a path to walk on. It was not an easy climb, as the grade was steep but I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

The next dream I saw Jesus in armor; He had a red cape and sword. He was in a castle and as He came through the hallways to leave, soldiers in full armor filed in behind Him. There were more of them than I could count. Jesus and the soldiers were very determined in their gait and purpose.

This morning I woke and heard part of a song, “Roses are red My love, Violets are blue, Angels in heaven know that I love you.”

My Children, yes there is much going on that you see, there is much more going on that you do not see and soon the two shall meet and all will be revealed.

There is much going on, and more in the spiritual realm than you understand, as you do not fight against flesh and blood, but principalities. I have been moulding you, as you are My clay and I Am the potter, but there is a reason I have called you unto Me. I have been trying to get you to the point that you seek only Me, and not seek Me through others.

No, I Am not saying to stop listening to the messages that I give, or to just read the bible, or not fellowship with others. I Am saying that you need to put your trust solely in Me first, in My truth, My understanding, My anointing and Spirit in you.

You are each one to have a personal relationship with Me. You do not need anyone else to seek Me thinking their gift is greater than yours. This is not true as I Am in you, I hear you, I see you, and I Am with you always.

Be very careful who you trust as you do not need a prayer partner to agree with you in prayer for Me to be there. You see you can ask the Holy Spirit join you and when there are two or more I Am there. There are seven Spirits in My Holy Spirit and it was misunderstood that you have to have a person agreeing in prayer with you to reach Me or to count.

Have I not separated you from the world, are there not people that have been imprisoned that I clearly heard and worked through. No, I Am not saying you should not have a partner to pray with, to fellowship with. What I Am saying is to be careful who you chose as they can take you from your path without you even seeing it.

I know their heart, you see what they want you to see. Come to Me and do not be so easily led by the imposters voice, or words of love. When you think of them, talk with them or pray with them, is My Holy Spirit with you? If My Spirit does not join you in your conversations then you need to see why.

When I do bring people together, I do join them, and if the Spirit joins you and you feel love then this is good, if you feel uneasy then you need to re examine this friendship. If you do go to church, make sure the Minister is in sync with Me, that He is truly in Me as so many are not. Just because they hold the title Minister does not mean they are right with Me.

Above all seek Me first, know I Am with you and let Me deepen your faith and trust in Me as truly it will sharpen your discernment. As I have said, it is coming, much is coming and truly your peace and security in Me will help you through.

Do not let yourself be snared, as the voice you hear will sound so sweet, but it is truly a trap, a trap to lead you away from Me and unto their way of thinking.


We truly need be very careful when choosing the path we walk. When we chose, we do not always chose His way, but when we let Him lead, and we chose to follow Him it is always the right path. Make sure your relationship with the Lord is yours, and that you are not just going along with what someone else is leading you to. God bless you and I truly pray that every message of the Lord reach the ones that need to hear them and that they receive them with the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart be opened to truly receive His truth and understanding. God bless you all.