The Complete Collapse of the Nation of Japan: A Prophetic Writing


Day 14: The Complete Collapse of the Nation of Japan: A Prophetic Writing

One of the things that I do in my service for the LORD is write His prophetic words. Sometimes they come to me in a dream or a vision, and other times they come as spoken words to my heart. Many people ask me if I hear the audible voice of God. I am not always sure how to answer that question because it varies from time to time depending on which part of the Trinity is speaking to me. Sometimes it is an audible voice. It sounds like rushing waters and it makes my insides tremble. I become weak all over and I need time to recover because I have come into direct communication with the Throne of Living Water.

When I was first called of the LORD to do His end time’s work it was the sound of loud rushing water that overtook me and I sprung to my feet almost falling out of bed when I heard Jehovah’s authoritative voice. It sounded like a pulsating echo inside my soul. Other times when I hear from the LORD it is a gentle small voice of peace. It is never rude or in a hurry, or judgmental, ever! That’s how I know who are of God and who are not. Jesus never delivers ultimatums or condemns me for sinning. It is a voice of reason and of love and of beckoning me to stay close to Him and abstain from the ways of this world. It is a great joy to do this work for the LORD. It is also very tiring.

Sometimes when my spouse and I pray we pray for clarity on a topic. We pray on our knees together and we pray in bed and we pray at the dining room table…We are constantly praying. Often times the LORD will answer our petition quickly if it is related to a project that He has asked us to do, and other times the LORD will spring on us a new revelation such as the one that I am going to write about today. Every day with the LORD is sweeter than the day before! It’s the adventure of all adventures and it is refreshing to the core!

On December 27, 2016 the LORD Jesus Christ delivered to my spouse a very intense warning dream for the entire nation of Japan. Since my spouse lived in Japan for ten years it would only seem appropriate to send this dream to him. He loved living there and has taken many of his favorite pieces of the culture including the food, music, and art, and incorporated them into his own life.

In the dream, he was staying in a 13-story high rise apartment building and was looking out from a large window. All of a sudden water was rising up all the way to where he was standing. He said it seemed surreal as the water rose to the level of the 13th story of the apartment. He thought to himself in the dream, “How is it possible for water to rise this high?” He also remembered walking to the bathroom and seeing mold on the floor and the carpet damaged by the water. End of dream.

I went to the LORD this morning concerning this dream of my spouse and this is what the LORD shared with me.

To My dearest child Gwendolen,
Daughter, I sent this prophetic dream to your spouse for an important reason. I want the two of you to send it to the government of Japan. I will guide you. I want you to send them a very stern warning from the LORD of HEAVEN’S ARMIES that I Am done with their disrespect of Me and that I Am about ready to send My Holy and Righteous Wrath upon their nation.

I will allow their buildings to topple and I will allow their currency to collapse for their idolizing technology and foreign gods.

I Am the One True God and I Am disgusted with the nations of the earth paying zero respect to the One who has given them everything. They are spoiled rotten children and they must repent and come to their knees!

They live in a most beautiful nation and yet they turn their noses up away from Me. They have been given rich resources and wealth beyond comprehension.

The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has spoken and it will come to pass if the nation of Japan does not repent of their sinful ways and surrender their lives to Me and My Son Jesus.

It is not a difficult thing to give up the things of this world when you understand that they are only temporary.

It is also not difficult to walk away from the false idols and technology when you understand that all the treasures that this life have to offer are going to burn up in My Holy Fire at the end of the Church Age.

Tell them, children! Tell them!

Judgment comes very soon to the entire nation of Japan.

King Jehovah

Hebrews 10:31
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.