Count Your Blessings in the Storm

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Still Small Voice

Published on 21 Jun 2017

“Yes, you are truly a soldier in My army. Special forces being prepared for the out-of-the-way extraordinary assignments.

And yet, you are daily learning to die to yourself and live as the lowliest in My Kingdom, which means you will often be called to menial tasks others disdain.

But for you, they are advanced courses in My university of life. And as you go lower and lower in your attitude of service, I can raise you up into positions of more authority and responsibility and you will not abuse your status in Me. Rather, you will walk humbly before Me and all men.

So you see, there are storms and rainbows, and I bring you through both, helping to fortify and make you stronger and wiser.

You have seen many treacheries from the enemy in your lives. You have encountered pits that were dug for you, deceitful circumstances that looked different from what they actually were.

You have followed and made decisions based on some of these and now are being restored much the wiser for all you suffered.

So, My Brides, yes. I want you to rejoice in your victories, but know that the battle is not over yet until I remove you in the Rapture—and then you will have new and glorious assignments you never dreamt of.

But here I am asking you to pause for a moment and count your blessings. Look at the things that were not in your life before, but they are great victories and something to celebrate as they are implemented and you move forward.”

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