Proverbs 21:21, Matthew 5:6, 1 Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 2:22

Curiosity for righteousness

There is a basket in the reeds; something precious has been thrown into the river. Who will wade into the water and retrieve the basket? Who is curious enough to find out what is in the basket? If Pharaoh’s daughter had not been curious enough she may not have been interested in the basket that was caught in the reeds and she would not have found the baby Moses.

Children, I want you to be curious about my word, be curious to know the correct interpretation of the scriptures. Be curious about the events that are taking place around you and how they relate to my word. Many are too distracted by the world, that is all they are curious about, the next piece of gossip that is being covered in the news.

Children, have you not noticed that the news being reported nowadays is mostly irrelevant to everyday life. News sources spend so much time on nonsense while suppressing the reality of the times. Who really cares what a particular celebrity is wearing or who they are having an affair with or their sexual preference? This is not important news, what you should be receiving in the form of news is what is going on around you that directly or indirectly affects you and your neighbors. You need to be aware of what is going on in the Middle East especially as concerns Israel for all the prophecies concerning Israel are in the Bible and by being aware of what is going on with and in Israel you can get a faint idea as to where the world is as far as the prophetic timeline is concerned.

As you compare what is going on in and to Israel with what is written in my word you can through wisdom and the help of the Holy Spirit be able to not only understand current events but also be aware of what to look for next, more importantly you will be well prepared for what is about to befall the earth. Do you know how many of my children are not aware of the events written about in the book of Revelation? More than half of them at any one time, in fact there are some of my children who do not read the book of Revelation, some of their own pastors have discouraged them from reading the book of Revelation by saying it is an allegory, a story that will not literally come to pass.

You have been deceived children; the book of Revelation will be fulfilled page by page, chapter by chapter, sentence by sentence. As written it will be fulfilled literally upon this earth and not one word that has been written therein will fail. Those who wickedly and deceitfully seek to add or take away from this book will themselves be accursed. Those who seek to pervert the ones who are seeking the path of righteousness will receive sevenfold of the punishments and judgments listed in the book of Revelation.

Children read my word, my entire word and seek wisdom as you read it. I am here ready and willing to give you understanding of my word, to reveal unto you the treasures of darkness. Children, I am the revealer of truth therefore follow me as I reveal what has been hidden on the earth and make clear the signs of the times as written in my word. Children get curious about me, my word and what I am doing upon the earth presently.

I love you, Jesus. Amen.