Daddy Can Fix Anything Message 445 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Feb 23, 2017

Daddy Can Fix Anything Message 445

Last night before I went to sleep I talked with the Lord and asked Him to please talk with me and tell me where we were in things, concerning His coming.

Well, He answered, and I was very busy all night long.

The first dream I had I was at the finish line of a race, there was snow all over and everyone there was the winner. Everyone was so happy.

The next dream I was at home. I did not recognize the house but I knew it was mine. Someone called and said that Regina was coming over to take care of me.

Then a woman showed up with a newborn baby girl, the woman laid the baby down on the couch and the baby was naked. I grabbed a diaper and the woman asked if I could handle it.

I said I could just fine, and pointed out that I was completely set up for a baby. When I had her look around the room there was everything you would need to care for a baby.

The next dream I had a very young daughter, there were square, blue speakers lined up and my daughter said that the speakers were broken but that Daddy had fixed them.

She was so happy jumping up and down and said “Daddy fixed them, He can fix anything!”

The next dream my mother had come over, my granddaughter was with me and she cleaned out my mother’s car for her. She brought in a big box of baby wipes, there were enough for the average person to last more than a year.

I also saw a man with a light blue jacket on sitting outside up against a tree. There were people taking photos and posting he was dead. The Lord told me no he was just asleep.

The Lord gave me these understandings to the dreams. The first one we are at the finish line, and everyone that is still within Him has won.

The meaning of the name Regina is Queen, the queen has been born as His bride and we are ready.

The blue speakers are us and the Lord has indeed fixed us, my daughter was representing the unconditional love, trust and faith in the Father we are to have, and the joy in Him, He gives us, and the baby wipes were telling us to stay in Him to keep clean and ready.

The people taking photos of the sleeping man was that the people thought he was dead, did nothing to get him help and posted lies. The people are more interested in themselves, and things of the world than to seek Him as they should.

Do not believe everything you see and hear as there are many lies all around us, not everything in the media is as it appears to be and that He is waking everyone up to His truth right now.

I woke up feeling very happy and have energy. He is coming any moment now as we really are at the end. We have won the race and soon will be with Him.

Hold on tight to Him and trust in Him to take you through.

The Holy Spirit and Terri
God bless you all and I love you