Daily Prayers of Consecration


Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you this day and I acknowledge

you in all of my ways and ask you to make straight my path.

Walk before me this day in all that I do and say, and live your life in me and through me.

Guide my every word, thought, judgment, counsel, and action.

I acknowledge you in all of my ways and ask you to make straight my path .

I empty myself and, as an empty vessel, receive you Holy Spirit for the work

you would have me do this day for your glory.

I come to you in full submission to your will in my life. In Your Name, I pray.

Lord Jesus Christ, I confess to you all of my sins of this day,

of yesterday, and every day past.

I repent and renounce them, (those known and unknown), those of omission and commission,

in what I have done, and in what I have failed to-do.

In particular, I lay down at your feet all sins of the flesh, sins of the tongue,

sins of the heart, and all unholy thoughts or actions.

I repent of every negative word spoken over, formed against,

or directed at anyone other than me or self-inflicted upon me.

I renounce those words, bind and loose them and break them off of whomever

they were inflicted upon, all in Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ.

I lay all sin down at Your feet and ask you to keep me cleansed

by your Precious Blood, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Father, I put on the mind of Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ

consciously this day and each and every day to come.

Lord Jesus Christ, I acknowledge you in ALL of my ways,

and ask you to make straight my path.