Deliverance from Python By Take His Heart To The World Ministry

Here at Take His Heart we try to be led by the Holy Spirit the best we can as we speak against python in people’s lives. We normally lift up the perso

n before the Lord and wait for specific instructions.

Generally, we start by giving Jesus Christ praise, thanking Him, that He is the Deliverer and Healer, etc. Other times we do this afterwards and sometimes before and after. The following is an example of what we speak:

“In the Name of Jesus Christ, python, we / I break your power and all your cohort’s power (or I render you powerless) in ……………………………’s life. We / I spoil your fruit and destroy your goods, in Jesus’ Name. Thank You, Jesus, for seeing to it the fruit (goods) of the python are destroyed in ………………..’s mind and life. We / I call forth Truth and declare that they see what they haven’t been able to see and they hear what they haven’t been able to hear. We / I call forth Truth into their life and into the earth.”

These two things should be done along with any other things the Lord might reveal.

  1. Break the power of python and it’s cohorts.
  2. You ask the Lord to spoil it’s fruit (goods) and call forth Truth into the person’s life.

Doing these things will start the process of deliverance from python.

Always seek the Lord for Instructions!