Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) / Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)




Three Hearts Church
Published on 13 Sep 2016

Cherie Beltram message on “Dissociative Identity Disorder” in the End Times. Sharing information from Svali who was born into the illuminait and was a trainer for them.

In the church we have not known or understood about DID and to us we would think of it as MPD.

Svali shares one day out of her life when she was in the illuminati so that we can understand how this works and how it goes unnoticed by society in general.

This will help us to understand how satan is building his army on the surface through people dedicated to this program. There are so many people born into this kind of abuse and that have been programmed just like a computer on the inside.

Broken through horrific abuse which causes splits in their personality on the inside and they can have thousands of alters (alternate personalities on the inside of them).

Let’s understand this as the body of Christ and b e a help instead of rejecting those that have managed to break free of this insanity.

They can heal, Jesus can do anything! If they come into your church, love them and pray for them and show them Jesus.

God bless us all as we learn about these things.

Thank you so much Joy for sharing this with me.

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