Division Message 400 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 16 Jan 2017

Division Message 400

My Children, those that say you want My truth, My understanding and My wisdom, but the moment I lead you to a message that goes against what you were taught the scriptures say, instead of coming to Me, you come against Me.

Do you not see that you are not just coming against your brother, or sister but you are also telling Me I am wrong. You do not come to Me for discernment.

If I lead you to scripture, messages etc. and once you get there and you do not seek My truth then you miss the anointing I am trying to give you.

When you rely on your truth and understanding of scripture, you can turn the scripture into an idol because you put it as you believe it to be ahead of Me. Idolatry is also anything you put before Me.

When you are so stubborn, when you stand on your understanding and refuse to let Me show you My truth, then you are putting it and the scripture into a form of idolatry as you are choosing it over Me and My truth.

You say you walk in My anointing, My Will, and you say you walk in My Word, but do you really? Do you know My heart, do you know My gospel?

My heart, and My gospel is love and not condemnation, it is not up to you to make judgments against your brother, it is up to you to follow My lead, and stay in My Will for You.

It is not up to you to go to a message or scripture and when you hear My truth tell Me, or others that this is wrong, that the things I reveal to you are wrong because they are not of your understanding.

My Children, I look at the heart, your intentions, and I have not given any one, not one person the job of judgment, this is the job of the Father.

I have told you that each and every one of you are to have a personal relationship and walk with Me.

It is up to Me to decide what is right for you, and not everything that is right for someone else is right for you, and what is right for you is not always right for others.

There are some that can drink alcohol and have no problem not becoming a drunkard, there are some that cannot handle a drop as they will become very drunk.

I have told many not to drink as I know them and for them this is not what they should do. Drinking is not a sin, smoking is not a sin, nor are tattoos, along with most of the other things that the religions of the world, and the minds of judgmental people think are.

I also tell you that wine was not like grape juice in the days I walked the earth, if it were, why would it have been associated with drunkenness?

My Children, I have called you to come out of the world and its ideas.

I have saved you from the curse of the law and that includes the condemnation that comes from the world’s religions.

Come to Me, My Children and let Me lead you.

If you let this come against you, and stress over having a tattoo, smoking or any of the other things that man says is sin, then you can let this get in My way of coming in and receiving Me and all that I want for you.

If you are not sure of something come to Me, seek My truth and not man’s.

When Terri has not been sure of a message I have asked her, “What does your heart say”?

I say to you, before you judge yourself or anyone else, “What does Your heart say”?


The Lord has shown me that when He asks me ‘what does your heart say’, He is asking what does He say as He has written the words on my heart.
Sin is what comes between us and our brother and God. Condemnation, judgment, gossip, and malice as these are what motivates us when we have this in our hearts and not love.
Anything we put before God is sin, as it is idolatry, also what we do in our minds, is just as important as what we do in reality.
When we lust after what our neighbor has, when we watch porn or fantasize about being with someone else it is just as bad as doing it for real.
There are things that are sinful, but one thing that is never sin is love, and when love is all we have in our hearts than there is no room for sin.
Do not stress over things you think you may have done, or are doing wrong, as most of the time they are either mistakes, or if they are things that the Lord does not want you to do, they are not what He wants you to deal with at this time.
I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this and all of His messages and the people that are led to them. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that every soul opens their eyes, ears, hearts and minds and receive all that is of the Lord.
I pray that all that He wants us to be aware of is brought to mind and everything else is left by us at His feet, to be taken away by Him.