It Is Done Message 437 – Terri Taplin


It Is Done Message 437

Last night, I did dream all night.

In one dream I did know I was talking with either the Lord or an Angel and He was giving me examples of the events that have happened that fulfilled Prophecies and Scripture, and was saying that they were unfolding right now in real life.  I said “So the Prophecies have been fulfilled!”

I was talking with the Lord all night and this was the only dream I remembered, but I did wake up at 12:50 a.m. or 10 to 1 and I heard ‘Judgment’.

My Children,

It Is Done, all that has been needed to be fulfilled has been, and My coming is nigh.

I Am about to show the world that I Am God.

The world will know they have fallen for the follies of the enemy, and know that I AM the One True God, as the things that have been foretold are unfolding right in front of their eyes.

There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide as I Am everywhere.

Death will come to many and the enemy will run.

I know the heart of every man, woman and child, so know now that there is nothing that you can hide from Me.

Come to Me now and know My salvation if you have not, and if you have been riding the fence, know now it is time to get off and make your choice, as if you are not completely for Me you are Against ME.

If you have truly come to Me then know you are fine, but if you have been leaning on your own understanding and not letting My truth come in, come to Me now and repent, as I AM NOT FLESH, I AM SPIRIT.

The time is now My Children, but I tell you true the choice is yours, who do you want to spend eternity with?

Choose now as there is No More Time.

Come out of the lust for the things of the world, seek My forgiveness and know there is nothing to fear for those that truly love Me and are within Me, as I Am Your Only Hope.


Yesterday felt weird and I was told to hold on to the message I posted a little while ago, I thought that that was all He wanted to say until I felt the Holy Spirit strong and was reminded of the dream of last night.
It is finished, He is saying to me right now. Please all that have not honestly sought Him go to Him now and know His love and forgiveness and there is no more time left. God bless you all and I love you.