Donna McDonald

This message was about a move of the Holy Spirit some years back but I want to share it with you as it is an important message.

Message to the bride and those wanting to be the bride: Today, after church, my son suggested, and we watched the full length movie, “The Passion of Christ”. This movie produces a profound emotional reaction in me every time I watch it. I also have the you tube of the scenes where the Lord is brutally whipped, jeered at and spat on, carries the cross, is nailed to it, dies a horrible death and then miraculously and beautifully appears following His resurrection. I never cease to react with intense emotion to this you tube as well. Today during the movie where the Lord is hung on the cross the Holy Spirit told me to get on the floor in the crucifixion position. I laid there face down no longer able to see and hear the movie because of the intense move of the Holy Spirit in me. The Holy Spirit shook my upper body with force, rapidly, over and over. Then I heard Him say, ‘get up to see Me take My last breath’. I stood up quickly and sure enough, the Lord gave up the Ghost and took His last breath on the screen. Later when I was reading my bible the Holy Spirit moved me again with rapid movements. Then, later, I was on my computer and watched the five minute you tube version of the Passion with the Jesus Messiah-Chris Tomlin music. Again, I experienced rapid upper body movements and shaking. I prayed over these encounters and asked why the Lord made these moves in me and this is what He had to say:

“My children this is your Lord speaking. I want you to know that I see all you do. I am in the midst of you whether you want Me there or invite me there or not. I am an ALL SEEING God. I want you to be reminded of this. Even though my daughter, Donna, could not see Me, I was appearing to her in a physical form in another fashion–by moving her body in inexplicable and uncontrollable manners. This is a reminder to all of you that I SEE ALL. When you are on the internet, I SEE YOU. When you are watching a movie at home, I SEE YOU. I SEE ALL YOU DO. I see and hear every electronic form of media that you pick up and place in your hands or that you watch on a screen or leave your house to view. I SEE ALL. Do not think you watch inappropriate items without My knowledge. This is not true. The enemy wants you to think you can get away with such things but it is such as these that send people to hell every day. Those who entertain themselves with pornography and secular entertainment from the enemy are only FOOLING THEMSELVES. They are fooling themselves with the greatest fool of all time–satan. Do not be a fool, put your Faith and Trust in Me and I will make your paths straight and will pull you off this planet to a much better place than you have ever laid eyes on. Don’t sell yourself short, move towards Me and not the world. Amen Amen Amen”

message to Donna McDonald 4/20/14