Don’t Settle Message 386 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 5 Jan 2017

Don’t Settle Message 386

My Children, I Am here with you all, right now, in ways that have never happened before, in ways that you do not understand.

I Am bringing to each and every one of you more, more of everything that is of Me.

You need only come in to receive it, so why do you settle for the basics of your understanding and not reach for Mine?

Why do you settle to live in a basement apartment, when you were meant to live in the penthouse?

You are to seek Me in everything, but do you?

Do you come to Me and ask to be guided before you study or read?

Do you ask for My lead before you speak?

Do you look through My eyes when you see your brother?

Why do you hold on to this world, why do you think with this earthly brain, and not let Me bring you higher?

There is nothing to fear, and you all know that I have not given you a spirit of fear.

As if you have completely given yourself to Me you will see that you are no longer a slave to fear, as you are a child of God, and it is My grace that goes before you.

Have you let Me fill you with all of My Holy Spirit?

Have you even wanted to have My understanding and truth or are you happy to keep yours?

Do not settle for less than all that I have for you, as the things I have planned for you are far greater than any you could imagine.

Do not limit yourself or Me, My Children as My way and My Will is always the best.

Come in now and let Me expand your spirit, your heart, and mind.

Let Me fill you completely, let go of everything that you think you need, as I will provide for your every need, so you too can fly higher than ever before.


Go into Him and let Him release you from this world, it is so very peaceful when He does. Let Him take you higher than ever before. Let Him take you all the way to Heaven.
God bless you and take care.