Dream of the Tribulation to come after bride of CHRIST is removed


This is a dream I, Susan Davis had regarding the Tribulation to come after the bride of CHRIST is removed.
The LORD instructed me to write up what I saw and to put it out to warn the people: January 23, 2015

I had three separate scenes shown to me in a serious dream:
First: I saw in a city scene: streets that were on what looked like a “quarantine.” No one was around—it was eerie—everyone was off the streets and inside their homes as if everyone was ordered inside their homes and no one was allowed on the streets….

Second: I saw a TV playing—and the channels changed and on EVERY channel was the same thing showing—it was showing scenes from what looked like a high security prison—with tall chain fencing. My perception was that after the rapture during the Great Tribulation the antichrist will take over the media and be showing everyone the prisons that they will taken to if they do not comply with his orders to take his Mark of the Beast….

Third: I saw a very distressing scene. I saw what looked like a giant open book that was full of photos collected of people. A saw a few of the individual photos collected in this big book full of pictures and they were what I could only describe as family group pictures—but the people in the photos were families lined up together and their picture was taken like a kind of “mug shot” photo but of whole families. The people in the pictures looked like deer in the headlights—they looked stunned like in total shock. I believe the pictures were being taken of Christians in their homes for records before they are removed to go to prison camps for refusing to take the Mark of the Beast. I was shaken by what I saw in this dream.

January 23, 2015
Words from the LORD from a Messenger of GOD, Jeff Missimer regarding the dream of Susan Davis (below):
This dream I have given you to show you what things will look like is a small degree of how hard it will be. This is how MY people will suffer—MY daughter—these people will suffer. They will suffer greatly. They will be in such despair, such anguish. O’ how I weep for them. I weep for MY children. If they would only turn to ME…If they would only run to ME I could save them from what is coming.

Why would they want to believe the devil? He is the father of lies. He hates MY children. He hates them, MY daughter. Everyone comes before satan after they die and if they are sent to hell, and they are cast in the pit of hell, he tells them how he hates them. And when they serve him, he laughs at them—about how he tricked them.

Satan is full of hate—hate for all MY creation…hate for the world I have created….hate for MY Divine Order…hate for everything I stand for….he hates everything I died for…he hates MY Gospel…he hates MY Message…he hates MY children.

MY children do you not see this?—They are blinded—they are blinded for the love of the world…for their false security…for their love of men’s approval…for the fame they desire…for the recognition of men that they seek.

It is ME that they should seek—for I AM ALMIGHTY GOD in Heaven.

I love MY Creation. I love MY children…so many of them do not love ME. Their hearts are hardened. They have “shoo-ed” away MY HOLY SPIRIT, they do not want MY HOLY SPIRIT. They have not repented…they have not forgiven. I shall not forgive them.

MY daughter, they shall suffer MY Wrath. MY daughter shall write down this dream I have given. You have seen with your own eyes how it shall be…yes daughter it will be like this—you must tell all. This is where MY children are headed. This shall be reality for them.

They must turn to ME. They must run to ME. I will forgive them. I shall always forgive them. If they turn to ME, they shall share MY Kingdom with ME, their LORD GOD. This is something satan would never do. For he is prideful…he is rebellious…he is a liar.

But I AM the TRUTH. I AM the ROCK. Build your foundation upon ME, MY children and no storm shall destroy your dwelling.

I love you MY children. I truly love you. These Words are a promise.

If you run to ME, if you truly run to ME with a repentant, sincere heart, I will forgive you. I will save you. I will deliver you, for I am the MIGHTY DELIVERER.

For I Am your FATHER. You are MY children. I love them very much.