Electronic Warfare: Do you still think your cell phone cannot kill you?

Do you still think your cell cannot kill you?

The inquiry letter to the FCC suggests as many as 75% of cell phones on the market today may possibly exceed the FCC’s exposure limit. A non-linear aspect of light changes presents a serious impediment to the recognition of the impact of environmental EMFs on human health involves the cognitive structure within which most studies are designed. Cell phones use 3 key types of light in non-linear ways that hurt cells. RF/microwaves/blue light are those types. Each acts in different ways but the cumulative effect is undeniable on biology. Most studies done to date have ever built this factor into their study design to precisely measure the effect. Typically, investigators assume that any real response triggered in a subject exposed to an EMF must be “precisely reproducible” to show biologic effect. The problem with nn EMF (non-native) exposure is that is causing a non-linear response to the reproduction of results that cannot be expected by definition. Biology does not understand non-linear systems because they make the assumption that all biologic cycles occur at equilibrium and not far from it. Biochemists and clinicians still have not evolved from its equilibrium bias, even though modern epigenetics shows that all cells function physiologically non linearly.
Reproducibility is indeed the imprimatur of causality in evidence-based medicine today. But this link should raise a deep question in your low dopamine mind: What exactly must be reproduced for medicine to accept the evidence?