MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries…


Susan Davis
7 September 2016

Recent Word from our LORD: “MY enemy has crept into your inner most sanctuaries, your homes, your children’s rooms; anything that exists that can be defiled has been touched by the foul stench of evil moving throughout the land.”

It is true that so many people—even Christians today bring into their homes objects with connections to the occult, paganism, and antichrist spirits and they are not even aware they are doing it.

Christians sport T-shirts and purchase items for their homes that have their origin in paganism and even the occult.

Although we are under GOD’s merciful grace we are also not to be running to handle things that are an absolute abomination to GOD and to feel good about it the way this generation now has.

The enemy has slipped under our radar detection because we have been uneducated about the evil anti-GOD origins that are now openly accepted by our present culture.

In the same way retailers take an old product like Cream of Wheats and repackage it to sell it to a young generation–satan has repackaged old evil and has sold it to this new unsuspecting generation as acceptable.

So to help you navigate through the minefield of the things that are accepted by the culture but are a certain abomination to GOD, here is a web link with a list of these items along with some of their origins and scripture outlining GOD’s stated hatred for these things:

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