The Enemy Is Ready Are You Message 425 – Terri Taplin


The Enemy Is Ready Are You Message 425

The dreams of last night and the night before were of the plans of the enemy. The Lord showed me that the rich, elect, and well placed, even preachers have bought their place for peace and safety and are going along with the plans of the enemy to stay out of the camps.

They have even chosen to help the enemy bring in the poor, unwanted, etc. Their plan is to divide and conquer to bring in their N.W.O.

The government’s plans to control the supplies, take away freedoms, and liberties, the economy will collapse, all of the things we have been told that will happen, have been planned and are in place now, and ready to go.

I saw that you needed a stamp for food and supplies, money was not the same and the governments controlled all of it.

The governments of the whole world have got everything in order, and all is ready to go as soon as we are taken. I also saw the number 700 twice.

When talking to a preacher on the phone and he was lying to me, telling me my mother died the day before, and then my daughter got on the line telling me she needed $700. To be released.

I looked up 1400 and found the verse, saying I will make you a great nation again. The Lord said this was one of the lies that people believe, as it will not happen again for any nation.

Last night Carl saw a Red Cardinal in a vision. The Lord said it is warning of the ties with the Vatican in all of this.

My Children, I know you know what the governments are planning to do. I Am telling you now they have everything in place for their plans to go forward.

The religious organizations, their leaders and elect of them are part of the plan to get people to go along with the plans of the enemy.

Many you would not believe have joined the enemy and believe the lies they have been told.

They know I Am coming, and they are ready to take over when I do. They have trained and are at the ready, but so Am I and are My children.

There is much division My children, but do not fall into it. Know I Am coming and all will be well with you if you stay fast in your faith, and trust in Me.

Do not fear, stay in Me by not straying off of the path I have laid out for you.

I know many think they are not doing enough, but if you are doing as I have led you then you are.

Do not get into your own way by losing hope, going off on your own, or following the ideas of another as I truly Am in you and I will lead you.

Even if you do not think you are hearing Me, at least learn how the Holy Spirit feels in you when you are right within My Will for you and when you may be going off.

You can get through this time of waiting My children if you stay in Me, and My Will for you, you will be fine.

Do not stop praying, do not lose hope or sight of Me as I Am your hope.


We know God is in charge and nothing will happen without Him. His Will and plan is perfect. Trust in Him always and go to Him in everything. He will not steer you wrong.
I did not see that in the message the other day where I was telling that Carl quit his job that it was a dream. Carl is retired and whenever I share something that he has done or seen, they were in his dreams or visions. I will be more careful to say they are dreams.

God bless you all and hold tight onto the Lord and endure to the end.