Extinction Level Event Planned by The Clay Feet – Still Small Voice


Published on 14 Sep 2018

Jesus began, “I do. I never intended that this nation should turn against the man I put in office. Because the public eats up superficial information and bases their opinions on personality rather than performance, they have backed themselves into a box canyon. It is to be expected that the ‘clay feet’, as you call them, Clare, should be ruthless in denouncing Trump and do everything in their power to unseat him from the presidential office. “But it is not to be expected that those who call themselves by My Name should rise up against My choice and denounce him. This will have tragic consequences if it continues. But there are more for him than against him, even though the media has done a fine job of making it look the opposite way. “The question in this hour is, ‘Do you, America, want the good I have promised you through this time? Do you want massive conversions and the blossoming of My Kingdom on Earth? And are you willing to fight for it—or do you want the socially acceptable political party to triumph?